Where is Jennifer Walters fortnite?

Where is Jennifer Walters fortnite?

Retail Row
Jennifer Walters’ office is located on the west side of Retail Row. You’ll recognize it from the sign outside reading “Law Offices of Jennifer Walters PLLC.”

Where do I smash vases as Jennifer?

Dirty Docks
Dirty Docks, the east – there’s a big old house. Head inside and you’ll see a bunch of vases all together. They’re blue. Smash a few, it’s therapeutic, and then the option appears for the emote which transforms you from Jennifer Walters to She-Hulk.

How do I get She-Hulk’s built in emote?

It’s not just any old vase you’ll be smashing, either – you’ll need to find the big vase at Cape Cod for this to work. Once you’ve smashed the vase, use an emote and you’ll unlock the Gamma Overload built-in emote that will let you transform into She-Hulk whenever you like. And that’s it!

What is Jennifer Walters fortnite challenge?

Challenge 1: Visit Jennifer Walter’s office as Jennifer Walters. Challenge 2: Eliminate Doctor Doom’s henchmen as Jennifer Walters. This requires you to eliminate three henchmen at Doom’s Domain, which is just Pleasant Park with some new buildings. Challenge 3: Emote after smashing a vase as Jennifer Walters.

What tier is Jennifer Walters fortnite?

Tier 22
She-Hulk (aka Jennifer Walters) Tier 22 You unlock the skin at Tier 22 and then seven tiers later—if you also complete her “Awakening” challenge—you’ll unlock a special emote that transforms her into She-Hulk.

What tier is Jennifer Walters?

You unlock She-Hulk Jennifer Walters skin at Tier 22. Then seven tiers later you can use the ‘awakening’ challenge to get the special emote to transform her. The same applies to Tony Stark and it’s an interesting move by Fortnite. Stark is the Tier 93 skin (technically like the Tier 100 skin).

How do you break a vase in fortnite?

Vase location: Camp Cod It’s resting in a clearing near the center of the island, where the arrow is pointing. If you’re a little lost, look for the yellow umbrella and it’s near there. Simply smash the vase with your harvesting tool of choice, then open your emote wheel.

What place in fortnite has vases?

If you’re close to the southeastern edge of the map, you will spot a vase inside the shop. Close to the small pool in the southeastern corner of the map, you will find a vase on top of a small table next to a column. On the northern side of Lazy Lake’s centre, you can see another vase in a corner inside the shop.

How do you awaken mystique fortnite?

Mystique Awakening Challenge: Use a phone booth as Mystique Simple enough. Just find a phone booth around the map while having the Mystique skin equipped, interact with it, and Mystique will change into another skin.

Where is She-Hulk’s office in fortnite?

Jennifer Walters’ office is located in the western part of Retail Row. However, the task also instructs players to do so while wearing her outfit. So, make sure that you equip her outfit, before heading over to the location. Jennifer Walters works in a legal building in Retail Row.

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