Which is better Gulf Shores or Pensacola?

Which is better Gulf Shores or Pensacola?

The area is a bit bigger than Pensacola so there are more hotels and condos which may make it a little busier. There are beach shops, good restaruants and activities to enjoy close by in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach too. Both areas are wonderful for families. You really cant go wrong with either place.

Is there a shuttle from Pensacola to Gulf Shores?

Dependable. Coastal Express Shuttle was created in 2012 and provides shuttle and taxi services in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Mobile, and surrounding areas for residents and tourists.

Which is better Pensacola Beach or Orange Beach?

Both beaches are family oriented but more so in the Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach area. It does sound nicer to say that you are vacationing in Florida than Alabama but the truth is Orange Beach is much nicer than Pensacola Beach and I have lived in both.

Which is nicer Destin or Gulf Shores?

Anyway, because the Destin area is larger than the Gulf Shores area, there’s simply more options. There’s also more bars closer together in Destin along the main strip than Gulf Shores. While you can definitely have a good time at both Destin and Gulf Shores at night, Destin wins this one!

How much is a shuttle from Pensacola to Gulf Shores?

Pensacola Airport Shuttle to or from Gulf Shores $90.00.

Is Orange Beach water clear?

The shoreline at Orange Beach is indeed whiter than those on the Atlantic coast, and the water does have a slight greenish hue. Orange Beach is near industrialized Mobile Bay and closer to the Mississippi River, which tans the white beach and often perpetuates a somewhat brackish hue in the water.

Which beach is better Gulf Shores or Destin?

Are there alligators in Gulf Shores Alabama?

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WPMI) — Gulf Shores residents are on high alert as a nearly 10-foot-long alligator has moved into their neighborhood pond, just feet from homes. She said her husband discovered the gator last week when it attacked a duck that he bought to replace others that had gone missing.

What is off season in Gulf Shores?

Popular vacation times during the summer months include Hangout Fest week, Memorial Day week, and the 4th of July holiday week, just to name a few. Likewise, you can expect far fewer crowds during the off-season. The fall and winter months still provide warm weather and plenty of cozy beach days.

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