Which term is also known as earwax?

Which term is also known as earwax?

Earwax, also called cerumen, is made by the body to protect the ears.

Is astigmatism known as squint?

In children, a squint is often caused by the eye attempting to overcome a vision problem, such as: short-sightedness – difficulty seeing things that are far away. long-sightedness – difficulty seeing nearby objects. astigmatism – where the front of the eye is unevenly curved, causing blurred vision.

Which auditory Ossicle is commonly known as the anvil?

Incus. The incus (anvil) is the middle auditory ossicle.

What is a sense of whirling dizziness and the loss of balance?

What Is Vertigo? The word vertigo means the feeling of spinning or whirling. Dizziness means feeling out of balance, lightheaded, or faint.

How does earwax fall out?

Thanks to the motion of talking and chewing, as well as the shape of the ear itself, earwax naturally moves up and out of the ear. Old earwax eventually moves out of the ear canal and falls out naturally, taking any debris and dead skin cells along with it.

Is squint a disability?

Many people think that squint is a permanent condition and cannot be corrected. But the truth is that eyes can be straightened at any age. Commonly known as “Strabismus”, where the eyes are not aligned in the same direction, this can be present only part of the time, in one or alternating between two eyes.

Why is anvil called incus?

The anvil-shaped small bone is one of three ossicles in the middle ear. The incus receives vibrations from the malleus, to which it is connected laterally, and transmits these to the stapes medially. The incus is so-called because of its resemblance to an anvil (Latin: Incus).

What maintains the shape of the eye?

The space in the center of the eyeball is filled with a clear jelly-like material called the vitreous (pronounced: VIH-tree-us) humor. This material allows light to pass through to the retina. It also helps the eye keep its round shape.

Where do eyelids meet near the nose?

canthi, palpebral commissures) is either corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet….

Front of left eye with eyelids separated to show medial canthus.
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What does Otopyorrhea mean?

[ ō′tō-pī′ə-rē′ə ] n. Chronic otitis media resulting in perforation of the eardrum and a purulent discharge.

Which is the best definition of choked disk?

(dɪsk) n. 1. any thin, flat, circular plate or object. 2. any surface that is flat and round, or seemingly so: the disk of the sun. 3. disc (def. 1). 4. any of several types of media for storing electronic data consisting of thin round plates of plastic or metal: floppy disk; hard disk.

What is the meaning of the word disc?

1. ‘disc’ or ‘disk’: a flat circular object. In British English, a disc is a flat circular object. A traffic warden pointed out that I had no tax disc on the windscreen. In American English, this word is spelled disk.

How is a disk used in a computer?

In both British and American English, a disk is a flat circular plate that is used to store large amounts of information for use by a computer. The disk is then slotted into a desktop PC.

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