Which TV show had a bluegrass theme song?

Which TV show had a bluegrass theme song?

The Beverly Hillbillies
“The Ballad of Jed Clampett” is the theme song for the television series The Beverly Hillbillies and the later movie of that name, providing the introductory story for the series. The song was composed by Paul Henning, and recorded first by bluegrass musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, with Lester Flatt singing.

Who played with Earl Scruggs?

The bluegrass banjo great would have turned 95 this year Earl Scruggs, shown here performing with Marty Stuart in 2001, would have turned 95 this month. “Few players have changed the way we hear an instrument the way Earl has, putting him in a category with Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Chet Atkins and Jimi Hendrix.”

Who played fiddle with Earl Scruggs?

Jim Shumate
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs started their own band, The Foggy Mountain Boys, with Cedric Rainwater and Jim Eanes. Soon after, Jim Shumate joined them and played the fiddle on their first recording session.

Who influenced Earl Scruggs?

Earl’s earliest influences were Maybelle Carter, his brother Junie Scruggs, and local banjo player Smith Hammett. Hammett, who employed a three-finger banjo playing technique, was the prime motivation behind Earl’s passion to play the banjo.

Why did Lester and Earl break up?

Unfortunately, Flatt and Scruggs had differing opinions about the future of their music: Flatt wanted to remain true to their bluegrass roots, while Scruggs wanted to follow more mainstream sounds. Because of these differences, they parted ways in 1969.

What’s the history of bluegrass music in America?

A Brief History of Bluegrass Music The history of bluegrass music begins with the people who migrated to America in the 1600s from Ireland, Scotland, and England and brought with them basic styles of music that are generally considered to be the roots of modern bluegrass music.

Who was the lead singer of the Blue Grass Boys?

A Brief History of Bluegrass Music. Equally influential in the classic 1945 line-up of the Blue Grass Boys were Lester Flatt, from Sparta, Tennessee, on guitar and lead vocals, Chubby Wise, from Florida, on fiddle; and Howard Watts, also known by his comedian name “Cedric Rainwater,” on acoustic bass.

When did Flatt and Scruggs start playing bluegrass music?

From 1948-1969, the Flatt & Scruggs band was a major force in introducing bluegrass music to America through national television, radio, and appearances at schoolhouses, coliseums, and major universities around the country.

When did bluegrass music start on the Grand Ole Opry?

While some bluegrass fans date the genre to 1939 when Monroe first appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, most believe that the classic bluegrass sound came together in December 1945 when Earl Scruggs joined the band.

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