Who are the main characters in the aged mother?

Who are the main characters in the aged mother?

Answer: The Aged Mother- main character of the story, who has the wisdom that brings to save and benefited their land. The Young Farmer- Son of the Aged Mother. The Daimio- the despotic ruler of shirano but later on he learned to give importance to the old folks.

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the story of the aged mother?

The Aged Mother is a Japanese folktale written by Japanese poet Matsuo Basho. The story is about the trials the son (recently known as Shinano in some versions) and his mother face from a cruel tyrant who despises the elderly for being frail and weak. The antagonist of the story.

What is the conflict in the aged mother?

The conflict of the tale was when the daimo ordered the old women to be killed. The affection of the mother was seen in their condition when the daimio declared the law that all the aged would be put to death. The order filled the hearts of the poor farmer.

What is the story the aged mother about?

Also known as The Story of the Aged Mother, this Japanese folktale tells the story of an unkind ruler who issues cruel orders, including one demand that all old folks are to be abandoned and left to die. Those were barbarous days, and the custom of abandoning old people to die was not uncommon.

What was the cruel proclamation of the governor of Shinano?

Answer: The cruel proclamation of the governor was to immediately put all aged people to death.

What does the aged mother mean?

Slang term referring to an older and good-looking woman. momoger n. Portmanteau of the words “mom” and “manager”. A momager is a mother who is also the business manager for her son or daughter.

Did the despotic Daimio eventually find out about the way the rope was created How did he react after?

Did the despotic daimio eventually find out about the way the rope was created? How did he react after? The despotic daimio eventually found out that the idea was from the aged mother. He even praised the mother because of her idea.

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