Who gets killed in Season 2 of Vampire Diaries?

Who gets killed in Season 2 of Vampire Diaries?

Klaus kills Jules by ripping out her heart during the sacrifice; Klaus kills Jenna during the sacrifice by staking her to death; Klaus kills Elena by draining her of her blood unto death; Damon snaps Greta’s neck during the sacrifice as Bonnie attacked Klaus.

What episode does Caroline die in Vampire Diaries?

In the season one finale, Caroline is severely injured in a car wreck and suffers from internal bleeding. Damon Salvatore feeds Caroline his blood to heal her. Later that night, Caroline is smothered to death with a pillow by Katherine Pierce, who found out that Damon gave her some of his blood.

How does Caroline die?

7 Caroline’s Death And Transition After a particularly brutal car crash in which Caroline was almost fatally injured, Damon gave her his blood to heal her. Then, Katherine proceeded to smother Caroline with a pillow until she died. This in itself was a horrible ordeal, to die alone and afraid.

Who kills Caroline as a vampire?

Caroline didn’t have a whole lot to do in Season 1, but when Katherine Pierce “killed” her in the season finale with Damon’s vampire blood in her system and turned her into a vampire, her character was totally revamped (pun intended).

Why did Elijah save Elena?

Elijah shows Elena an elixir that will bring her back as a human after she is killed. He says it was meant for Katherine 500 years ago before she ran away. He had planned and prepared for her survival after he met her and realized that he loved her. Elijah helps Klaus escape, betraying Elena and his promise to her.

Is Elena stronger than Caroline?

Caroline is actually Stronger, but Elena was trained to kill vampires as a human. They both fought when Elena had her humanity off and she almost killed Caroline.

Is Josie Saltzman pansexual?

In the show, Josie is remarked as pansexual. The distinction is an important one; Josie’s feelings and stories are just as validated as the rest of the community.

How does Caroline have daughters?

After Alaric’s former fiancée died while being pregnant with Alaric’s and her twins the Gemini Coven found a way to transfer the twins into Caroline and she gave birth to them. Caroline started loving the twins as they were their own children and helped Alaric raise them.

Are Elijah and Hayley in love?

Elijah promises to Hayley that he will always protect her. Their first kiss was in A Closer Walk With Thee, the twentieth episode of the first season. They make love for the first time in episode nine of Season 2 after Hayley tells him that she has to marry Jackson in order to save her pack and Hope.

What happened to Caroline and Klaus in Vampire Diaries?

Klaus and Caroline known as Klaroline had an Epic love story in the Vampire Diaries series, where they met in the third season of the series, and soon the two merged with each other and became one of the most loving couples from the fans. There were many fans that wanted Caroline to go from the vampire diaries to the original to stay with Klaus, but after Klaus’ death, the fans were heartbroken .

Does Elena get married to Damion in the Vampire Diaries?

Elena and Damon decided to marry in Mystic Fall’s Founder’s Hall. All their friends came. Elena’s marriage witness was Caroline Forbs and Damon’s witness was Bonnie Benett.

Does Alaric die in the Vampire Diaries?

Alaric died a startling number of times before his final death on TVD because he didn’t know there were consequences to relying so heavily on the ring. Each time he died, however, he became vulnerable to interference while he waited to be resurrected, which leads us to the real reason Alaric died.

How did Elena die in the Vampire Diaries?

Human Elena died after diving in the same lake where her parents died. She died as she was drowning in order to save Matt. In season 6, Elena doesn’t die it’s just the sorry of Kai Parker which made her sleep and was linked to Bonnie.

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