Who made the Computer Love beat?

Who made the Computer Love beat?

Featuring vocals by Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson and written by Murdock and Zapp Band leader Roger Troutman, the single peaked at number 8 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1986.

When did Zapp PC love come out?

Computer Love/Released

Who wrote the song Computer Love?

Larry TroutmanShirley Murdock
Computer Love/Composers

When was the song Computer Love written?

Computer Love (Kraftwerk song)

“Computer Love”
Released July 1981
Genre Electronic
Length 3:45 (single edit) 7:15 (album version)
Label EMI (UK) Warner Bros. (US)

Who sampled computer 2020?

Ne-Yo and Jeremih’s ‘U 2 Luv’ sample of Zapp’s ‘Computer Love’ | WhoSampled.

Did Zapp and Roger use autotune?

From Roger Troutman to Dr. He also referenced ’80s funk musician Roger Troutman Jr. (of Zapp), who built his vocal sound around the talk-box effect, which allowed him to manipulate his voice through an instrument, such as a guitar or keyboard.

Is Roger from Zapp death?

April 25, 1999
Roger Troutman/Date of death

What is the meaning of computer love?

The subject matter of this song, looking for romance via the computer, is a remarkable prediction of the future as this was written many years before online dating. In the early 1980s computers were large, impersonal, incommunicative things; few could have foreseen their use as a vehicle for communicating with others.

What did computer love mean?

Who sampled Roger Zapp?

Roger Troutman and Snoop Dogg’s ‘Red & Dollars’ sample of Zapp’s ‘I Can Make You Dance’ | WhoSampled.

What is bad habits sampled from?

His new single, “Bad Habits”, will not change anyone’s mind. A woozy, stilted comeback from pop’s most boring man, it is buoyed by an unbilled but aggressively pilfered sample of Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”. It will be inescapable.

Who was the original singer of Computer Love?

(1989) “Computer Love” is a song performed by Zapp & Roger, issued as the fourth and final single from their fourth studio album The New Zapp IV U. Featuring vocals by Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson, the song was written by Murdock and Zapp bandleader Roger Troutman.

Who are the singers of Computer Love by Zapp and Roger?

Computer Love is a song by the group Zapp & Roger featuring vocals by Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson. Kickback relax and enjoy the 80’s !!!

What are some songs that sampled computer love?

Samples. “Computer Love” has been sampled on the following songs: “I Found it in You” by Ashanti from her 2005 compilation album Collectables by Ashanti. “In the Hood (Remix) featuring Mookie” by Donell Jones from his 1996 album My Heart. “Wanna Make Love” by Blackstreet from their eponymous solo debut album.

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