Who was clan leader before Bluestar?

Who was clan leader before Bluestar?

Firestar is the ThunderClan leader after Bluestar. His deputies were Whitestorm, Graystripe, and Brambleclaw. His medicine cats were Cinderpelt, Leafpool, and Jayfeather.

What was Bluestar’s warrior name?

1- Bluestar. Bluestar’s warrior name was Bluefur, which, to me, seems a bit generic and boring.

Is Bluestar a boy or girl?

Bluestar is a pale blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. Bluestar was a leader of ThunderClan in the forest territories before Firestar. She was a proud and deeply committed leader. Bluekit was born to Moonflower and Stormtail alongside her sister, Snowkit.

What cat breed is Bluestar?

Russian Blue
Other names Archangel Blue, Archangel Cat
Origin Russia
Breed standards
CFA standard

Who was Bluestar in love with?

As a warrior, Bluefur meets a charismatic RiverClan warrior named Oakheart; although their first interaction is prickly, they eventually fall in love. They decide to spend one night together at Fourtrees, the regular Clan Gathering place, but agree that for the good of their Clans, they will never meet again.

Who was the leader of ThunderClan before Firestar?

“Leader of Thunderclan before Firestar, Bluestar was a proud and deeply committed warrior. Once known as Bluefur, her early life was scarred by tragedy. Her mother was killed during a raid on Windclan and soon after, her sister, Snowfur, died on the Thunderpath.

What was the name of Bluestar’s mother and sister?

Bluestar has her own page. Proud and committed, her life wasn’t always easy. Her mother, Moonflower, and her sister, Snowfur, were both killed, and Bluestar grieved. She fell in love with Oakheart, whose kits she ended up bearing after leaving him.

Why did Bluestar give up Mosskit for ThunderClaw?

“Bluestar was a great leader, even if the price she paid for was higher then she ever dreamed. She gave Mosskit up on that snowbound night, Mosskit and her littermates, so that she could become Thunderclans deputy instead of Thistleclaw, who would have sliced through the forest until the paths ran red with blood.

How did Bluestar become a shell of her former self?

Bluestar has become a shell of her former self after Tigerclaw’s treachery, leaving most of the management of the Clan to Fireheart, and sometimes forgetting things about what is going on. After learning about Tigerclaw’s treachery, she trusts only Fireheart and Whitestorm.

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