Who wore number 38 for the Yankees?

Who wore number 38 for the Yankees?

Jonathan Loaisiga
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Player Number Year
Ricky Ledee 38 1998
Travis Lee 38 2004
Jonathan Loaisiga 38 2018
Jonathan Loaisiga 38 2019

Who is number 24 on the Yankees?

Gary Sánchez

Gary Sánchez
Home runs 138
Runs batted in 340
New York Yankees (2015–present)

Who wore number 13 for the Yankees?

The Yankees allowed Joey Gallo to wear No. 13 after five years of keeping the number off limits following the retirement of Alex Rodriguez in 2016. A-Rod wore No. 13 during his 12 seasons in New York, starting in 2004.

Who has worn number 26 for the Yankees?

Neil Allen
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Player Number Year
Neil Allen 26 1985
Neil Allen 39 1985
Neil Allen 53 1985
Neil Allen 48 1987

Who wore number 37 for the Yankees?

Casey Stengel

# Player Date/Year Retired
37 Casey Stengel August 8th, 1970
42 Mariano Rivera September 22, 2013
44 Reggie Jackson August 14th, 1993
46 Andy Pettitte August 23rd, 2015

Who wore number 40 for the Yankees?

Jackie Jenson
40: OF Jackie Jenson (1950-51), RHP Ewell Blackwell (1952-53), RHP Lindy McDaniel (1968-73), C Fran Healy (1976-78), RHP Andy Hawkins (1989-91), RHP Bartolo Colon (2011) and RHP Luis Severino (2015-16). The Hall of Fame left-hander won 17 games in each of his two seasons as a Yankees, 2005 and 2006.

What are the uniform numbers of the New York Yankees?

A New York Yankees uniform numbers list by Baseball Almanac which includes every single uniform number ever worn by every single New York Yankees player in history. “The difference between the old ballplayer and the new ballplayer is the jersey.

Who is number 13 on the New York Yankees?

2019 New York Yankees: New York Yankees Uniform Number 13. Every Yankees Player Who Wore #13. Count: Players Who Wore #13: Pic: Full Roster: 1. Spud Chandler : 1937 New York Yankees: 2. Cliff Mapes : 1948 New York Yankees: 3. Curt Blefary : 1970 New York Yankees: 4. Curt Blefary : 1971 New York Yankees: 5. Walt Williams : 1974 New York Yankees

Who was the first pitcher for the New York Yankees?

Debuted as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, winning 89 games over six seasons before being converted to the outfield because of his tremendous power. Was sold to the Yankees for $120,000 in 1920 and his 54 home runs that year were more than any other American-League team.

When did Lou Gehrig get his number retired by the Yankees?

Mantle was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1974. Beginning with Lou Gehrig’s number 4 in 1939, the Yankees have retired 15 uniform numbers to honor 16 players and managers. Height 5-8, Weight: 191. Threw righthanded and batted lefthanded.

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