Why did STS 51 L explode?

Why did STS 51 L explode?

STS-51-L. First shuttle launch from pad LC-39B. An O-ring failure in a solid rocket booster led to leaking of hot gases against the external tank; exploded 73 seconds after launch, all seven crew, with no means of escape, were killed when crew cabin hit the ocean. AKA: Challenger.

How much money did the Challenger disaster cost?

The Challenger disaster cost the nation $3.2 billion and rocket seals suspected of triggering the explosion should be redesigned before shuttles fly again even if they are absolved of blame, the head of NASA said today.

How much did the STS 1 cost?

Space Shuttle program

Program history
Cost US$196 billion (2011)
Duration 1972–2011
First flight ALT-12 August 12, 1977
First crewed flight STS-1 April 12, 1981

How long did the Challenger flight last?

During its three years of operation, Challenger was flown on ten missions in the Space Shuttle program, spending over 62 days in space and completing almost 1,000 orbits around Earth….Space Shuttle Challenger.

Last flight STS-51-L January 28, 1986
Flights 10
Total hours 1,496
Distance traveled 41,527,414 kilometres (25,803,939 miles)

What went wrong with Challenger?

The space shuttle broke apart because gasses in the external fuel tank mixed, exploded and tore the space shuttle apart. The external fuel tank exploded after the right solid rocket booster came loose and ruptured the tank. Because a seal around the O-ring (a piece of the rocket boosters) failed.

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