Why do some countries have more water than other countries?

Why do some countries have more water than other countries?

These Regions have lots of water because they have many bodies of water. These bodies of water come from lots of precipitation, which the countries in the middle east and Africa dont have. Many countries that are covered with desert and countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Why do developed countries use more water?

For many countries in the world, especially developing countries, the agricultural sector contributes low income to the country. However, this sector consumes the largest amount of water. Water is essential for the production of agricultural goods and services, which generate income and create national wealth.

Why do countries use so much water?

Rising Living Standards – people in countries that have become richer have more money to spend on items that consume water such as dishwashers, washing machines, flushing toilets and showers. Industrial growth – this consumes water in many ways, so as countries develop their manufacturing industries consume more water.

Which countries use the most water and why?

10 Countries That Use the Most Water

  • China – 362 trillion gallons.
  • United States – 216 trillion gallons.
  • Brazil – 95 trillion gallons.
  • Russia – 71 trillion gallons.
  • Mexico – 53 trillion gallons.
  • India – 30 trillion gallons.
  • England – 20 trillion gallons.
  • France – 20 trillion gallons.

Which country drinks most water?

In 2018, Mexico and Thailand had the highest per capita consumption of bottled water worldwide, at 72.4 gallons of bottled water per person. Coming in second place was Italy with 50.3 billion gallons of per capita consumption in that year.

How does water use in the United States compare to that in?

By 2025, water withdrawals are expected to rise by 50% in developing countries and 18% in developed countries. In the United States, freshwater is divided into multiple uses: 41.5% is used for thermoelectric power, 37% for irrigation, 2.6% for aquaculture, 5% for industrial use, 8.5% for domestic use, and 5.4% goes to other publicly supplied users.

Why does the world use so much water?

More than 40 percent is used to produce electrical power. 37 percent irrigates cropland. While the world’s population has doubled in the last 40 years, its use of fresh water has quadrupled. Forty percent of countries could experience severe freshwater scarcity by 2020.

Why do some developing countries use less water than others?

Seasonal foods – Many developed countries use irrigation to grow seasonal crops the whole year round, such as the strawberries grown in Spain. Climate – Some developing countries, such as Ghana, have a wet, tropical climate and therefore do not need to use water to be used in irrigation.

Which is a more significant use of water?

Developed countries such as the UK have a more significant use of water for domestic reasons. Developed countries also tend to have a higher percentage for industrial use.

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