Why does my AC work in the back of my car but not the front?

Why does my AC work in the back of my car but not the front?

It sounds like your front blower in inoperative. This could be caused by a defective Blower Power Module which controls all blower motor speeds, a failed blower motor or , however unlikely a failed Control module. I suggest taking your vehicle to your local dealership for inspection and diagnosis.

Why is my AC only working in certain rooms?

Central air conditioning units that are too small for your house do not have the cooling capacity to thoroughly filter and cool all the air in your home. This often results in the unit working harder than it should and some rooms being warmer or cooler than others.

Why does my AC not work sometimes?

If your air conditioner is not working, it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Common reasons include dirty or blocked air filters. In other cases, there can be issues with your compressor or refrigerant. This can lead to your ac not blowing air, not turning on, or it just doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Should you close AC vents in unused rooms?

Closing the vents doesn’t do it any favors. In fact, instead of helping the air conditioner cool less, closed registers force the same amount of air through other ducts. This builds pressure in the system and makes your HVAC system work harder to distribute the air where you need it.

Why is my AC filter not getting dirty?

A filter is designed to catch all the air that goes through your air conditioning. Because of this, it needs to fit snugly inside the holder to have a chance at catching the air. When that happens, the filter won’t get dirty because all that air isn’t going anywhere near it.

Where does the AC blow out in the front?

AC does not blow out from vents in the front. My front air does not blow out (it works in the back). I changed the blower relay in the fuse box next to the battery and put in a new blower fan under the glove box but it still does not blow air out in the front.

Why does my front AC heater stop blowing?

Stop blowing/no air flow from ac vents or even defroster vents, etc but the rear continues and is good. When it works, air is cold, runs perfect, blows as should. But it may just randomly stop after working during that drive.

Why is the front air not blowing cold?

Your rear evaporator is the same. So either it is a refrigerant flow issue in the front, an air flow issue in the front (for example your Cabin air filter is clogged) a mechanical failure such as a blend door failure. I would start by checking the cabin air filter just because it’s the easiest.

Can you hear the blower fan when the AC quits?

It is a manual ac. The blow fan can not be heard In the front ac when it quits, but again, the rear still works fine during this. But when it chooses to work, yes, you can hear the blow fan. We pushed around on some wires around the blower fan and so far, it has not quit. But that may change momentarily.

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