Why is planting good for you?

Why is planting good for you?

Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large house, by introducing certain plants into your home, you will start to notice improvements to your health, and overall happiness. Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.

Why is gardening good for your wellbeing?

Social and therapeutic horticulture Reduce depression, anxiety and stress-related symptoms. Alleviate the symptoms of dementia, such as aggressive behaviour. Increase the ability to concentrate and engage. Reduce reliance on medication, self-harming behaviour.

Is gardening good for depression?

But gardening — and its rewards — are for everyone. In fact, it may provide some mental health benefits for you. Studies have found gardening and horticultural therapy can: reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Does gardening improve mental health?

‌Gardening can improve many aspects of mental health, focus, and concentration. Improves mood. Gardening can make you feel more peaceful and content. Focusing your attention on the immediate tasks and details of gardening can reduce negative thoughts and feelings and can make you feel better in the moment.

Is it OK to talk to plants?

“But some research shows that speaking nicely to plants will support their growth, whereas yelling at them won’t. Rather than the meaning of words, however, this may have more to do with vibrations and volume. Plants react favourably to low levels of vibrations, around 115-250hz being ideal.”

Does touching dirt make you happy?

Digging in the dirt really does lift your spirits. The digging stirs up microbes in the soil. Inhaling these microbes can stimulate serotonin production, which can make you feel relaxed and happier.

Does gardening increase happiness?

“Many more people garden than we think, and it appears that it associates with higher levels of happiness similar to walking and biking,” said Princeton’s Anu Ramaswami, one of the authors, in a statement. “In the movement to make cities more livable, gardening might be a big part of improving quality-of-life.”

What are the advantages of planting trees?

One of the main benefits of planting trees is that they provide us with the life giving oxygen. Without the presence of oxygen the survival of living beings is not possible. Planting trees is also essential because they have the power to absorb the harmful gases.

Why is gardening good for your health?

Gardening is not only good at burning calories but also strengthens joints and increases flexibility because you’re constantly getting up and down, stretching, bending, and reaching to plant the seedlings or pull the weeds. And the health benefits increase from there.

What are the benefits of planting a garden?

By planting your own organic garden, you are assuring yourself and your family the best possible fruits and vegetables. Plus, you have the added benefit of exercise; from planting the seeds to carrying in the harvest, working in your garden will help tone your body and work off extra calories.

Why gardening is enjoyable?

Because gardening is an outdoor activity, it means you will enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. You will also be occupied physically strengthening your body and becoming more fit. This type of activity benefits the heart, builds stamina and endurance.

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