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Why is Sammy Sosa famous or important?

Why is Sammy Sosa famous or important?

Sosa’s career was marked with milestones: He is the leading home run hitter for the Chicago Cubs, hitting 545 home runs just during his time with them. He is the fifth man in history to hit 600 regular season home runs. He has hit a home run against every active team in Major League Baseball.

What does Sammy Sosa do?

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Sammy Sosa, in full Samuel Sosa Peralta, (born November 12, 1968, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic), Dominican professional baseball player who, with Mark McGwire, entertained fans with a series of home run races in the late 1990s that rewrote the record books.

What is Sammy Sosa famous for?

Sammy Sosa is a Haitian-Dominican former professional baseball right fielder, who is most famous for his stint with the Chicago Cubs in Major League Baseball . He is known and respected as the only player to have hit 60 or more home runs in a single season three times.

How is Sammy Sosa famous for the Dominican Republic?

Sosa, who grew up in poverty in San Pedro de Macoris, became one of the most famous men in two countries — American and the Dominican Republic — after he battled Mark McGwire for the single-season home run record in 1998.

What did Sammy Sosa do for society?

Sosa helped rebuild the homes of many people in the Dominican Republic. His charity donated $700,000 to victims of the hurricane. As you can see, Sammy Sosa helped many poor people in his home country. Sammy Sosa is a very great man. He is generous because he donates time and money. Sosa is hardworking because he plays baseball his very best every game.

What was Sammy Sosa’s nickname?

Professional baseball player Sammy Sosa was born on the 12 November 1968 in Consuelo in the Dominican Republic. His nickname with family and friends is Mikey, a name which his grandmother bestowed upon him. In 1985 Sammy Sosa was drafted into the Texas Rangers where he remained until 1989.

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