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Will there be any other X-Men Origins?

Will there be any other X-Men Origins?

Sadly, that’s no longer happening: thanks to Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s movie and TV assets in 2019, the X-Men are now being absorbed into and likely rebooted for the MCU, leaving no small amount of developing Fox films to remain unmade.

What comes after X-Men apocalypse?

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Logan (2017) Deadpool 2 (2018) X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

Who is the next Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman has portrayed Wolverine over the span of seventeen years. His last stint as the iconic character was in 2017’s Logan after which Jackman announced that he would be retiring from portraying Wolverine in any future X-Men Projects.

Who were the New Mutants supposed to be?

The New Mutants were teenaged students of Professor Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and wore matching uniforms, much like the original X-Men, who had since grown into adulthood. These students, however, rather resembled the “all-new, all-different X-Men” of their era in terms of ethnic diversity.

Who will replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

From one Australian actor to another. New artwork imagines Dacre Montgomery as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine successor for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Hugh Jackman officially hung up his Wolverine claws in 2017 with Logan.

Is Henry Cavill the new Wolverine?

The Witcher star Henry Cavill is seen sporting the iconic knuckle blades of Marvel’s X-Men anti-hero in a piece of fan art shared on Instagram.

What were the smiling man in New Mutants?

The New Mutants As a sex slave, Illyana was sexually abused by men wearing smiling masks. Because of this, Illyana called these men Smiley Men, and remembers them as supernatural creatures.

Who is the bad guy in New Mutants?

Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Dr. Cecilia Reyes is the main antagonist of the 2020 superhero horror film The New Mutants, the final installment of the X-Men film series.

Is there going to be another X Men movie?

X-Men: Dark Phoenix After X-Men: Apocalypse, we assumed that the traditional X-Men ensemble would get another story, and it was quickly rumored that it would be a second blockbuster attempt at adapting the classic and beloved Dark Phoenix Saga (which was previously used as source material for Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand).

What was the plot of the New X Men movie?

This is going to be the thirteenth movie that will join the X men universe. The plot of the movie is centered around the struggle that five mutants have to go through to save themselves and own up to the sins of their pasts. Going in a direction contrary to the popular X men movies this movie is more horror than action.

Who are the owners of the X Men?

As part of Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the X-Men movie rights are now under Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige’s umbrella for the first time. Interestingly, even though Marvel Studios has never had access to mutants, Feige has worked with them before, serving in various roles on early X-Men movies before joining Marvel Studios.

Is the X Men going to be on the big screen?

While the Fox era is over, the good news for the X-Men is that they will return to the big screen thanks to Marvel Studios. As part of Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the X-Men movie rights are now under Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige’s umbrella for the first time.

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