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Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Your Apple iOS running smartphone will be worthless without its applications, in particular, the best iPhone apps. If you are new to using the iOS, then you will certainly have difficulties separating app wheat from app chaff.

The Apple’s App Store houses approximately 80 gazillion applications and with the multitude of choices selecting the best applications for your phone can be a daunting task.

If you want an insightful advice, then you have definitely come to the right place! We are here to help you sort out the best applications for Apple iOS. In this article, we will discuss with you some of the best iPhone apps that are worth downloading and using this year.

Most of these applications are not new (in fact, you might already have some of them), but they’re certainly very useful and, more importantly, almost all of them are free of charge. These top picks serve as a reference and if you think there’s anything that we missed, then feel free to share your own thoughts.

Most people nowadays install social networking sites on their cell phones including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail. Some users also prefer to use other amazing applications such as Apple’s remote app for iTunes, Kindle, Shazam, and many more.

Best iPhone Apps


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013With this application you will be able to access all your docs, videos, photos, and other data stored in your cloud. As a matter of fact, it enables you to backup your iPhone files too.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

If you want to send your files to other PCs or cell phones, you could do so with this app. You just need to bump them together physically. It’s that simple!

Google Maps

Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

It has an interface very similar to that of Gmail, but this application focuses more on giving directions. This is actually helpful if you are driving in an unfamiliar road. It gives you turn by turn directions, and checks subway times.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Using this helpful app, you no longer have to remember all your different passwords for different websites you use. Instead, you will be able to store your passwords all in a safe place.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

This app is especially for individuals who check out Wikipedia website several times a day on their phone or computer. Well, if you’d like features such as table of contents for pages, an iPhone friendly layout, etc. then use this great app.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

This is a perfect substitute for Safari browser as it brings desktop features to your iPhone.

YouTube Capture

Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

This app lets you instantly upload captured video on YouTube. YouTupe Capture only works in horizontal recording. It won’t start unless you set the phone horizontally.

Imo Messenger

Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Tired of using different apps to chat through Google Talk, Facebook, Skype, or AIM? If so, this great app offers an all-in-one solution for everything related to chat and VOIP services.

Find My iPhone

Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Losing a cell phone, especially an iPhone, isn’t something you can forget easily. With this app and another iPhone (or iPad), you could easily track the location of your stolen or lost device on a map.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Health and diet conscious individuals would love this app. It has a calorie counter that automatically calculates the total calories for every food you eat. It features a large food database and also a diet tracker.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

Songza is a music streaming app that can be a perfect alternative to Spotify and Pandora. Enjoy high quality audio!



Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

If you are tired of using Apple’s Notes, this app is absolutely for you. It has a professional design, and you could easily access your notes on every device using its cloud feature.


Best iPhone Apps To Have In 2013

This iPhone app instantly turns your phone into a flashlight. It also comes with a dimmer and a compass.

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