IM Graphics Plugin Review: You Don’t Need A Graphic Designer

IM Graphics Plugin Review: You Don’t Need A Graphic Designer

Plugins are very useful to extend features of original application. WordPress has a multitude of plugins each of them adding a unique functionality. These plugins can be downloaded, installed and seamlessly integrated with wordpress.

You can control the functionalities from the dashboard. A picture says ten thousand words and conveys information very fast. There is great demand for graphics from web marketers.

Lot of time and effort is required to find and add graphics on web pages. It is really a great headache for web marketers to find suitable graphics that can be deployed on pages intended to boost sales. IM Graphics plug-in fills in this space aptly.

Need for a graphics plugin

IM Graphics Plugin is a wordpress plugin. Andy Bailey the brain behind another famous wordpress plug-in, CommentLuv has created IM Graphics Plugin. Decoration of web pages is required to attract visitors and make them stay on a page for few seconds or minutes.

It is also possible that lack of attraction lead to lack of sales. It is difficult to source all-rounder who can market the product as well as design the website. Although there are some intelligent, skillful and artistic bloggers who can manage both marketing and design aspects, it is a fact that most of the marketers have no skill or no time to extend into graphics design sphere.

Even though there are some interesting personalities, the expenditure involved for getting trained personnel and put things in practice will be prohibitive. IM Graphics plugin will come handy for those who would like to utilize the graphics created by experts.

What it offers

IM Graphics plugin offers a bunch of graphics devised by professional designers. You can easily use these graphics on landing pages of your website. It is also possible to utilize your own graphics. You will be able to insert high quality graphics on blog posts at the click of a button.

The plugin is ideal for insertion of graphics on landing pages, sales pages and opt-in pages. Website owners and those who are involved in online marketing will come across the necessity of utilization of specialized graphics. This need is aptly fulfilled through IM Graphics plugin.

By purchasing the plugin you will be able save hundreds of thousands of dollars invested towards custom graphic designs. The graphics available with the plugin are brand new and can be easily embedded in your web page or blog post. You will be able to edit, enlarge and manipulate these images without compromising on quality. With the available HTML and CSS code, you can quickly create professional squeeze pages.

For example, you can readily use graphics like Wait!, Stop!, Special Offer, Bonus #1, New Version, Limited Time Discount, Get Instant Access!, Buy Now!, etc. The available graphics are in .PNG and .JPEG formats.

IM Graphics Plugin Review: You Don’t Need A Graphic Designer

What gives edge for this plugin over other plugins of similar kind is its quality. Transparent PNG is the new feature which will insert into any kind of background. Traditional graphics can be attached only on white backgrounds. A range of graphics are available through the plugin.

A total of 12 modules are offered through the plugin package. They include blank headers in JPEG format, blank footers in JPEG format, Call to Action button in PNG format (like Get instant access), attention phrases like (wait, stop, etc.), price tags (like $19.95 special price), sticker (like new version, limited version), numbers in different modules, guarantee signs, dollar value signs, bonus signs, check marks and free arrows.

You will also get bonus items with the package. Apart from PSD source files for all the graphics you will also get high quality retro badges pack and empty shapes graphics pack. This is a premium pack of PSD and PNG graphics along with the premium plugin.

Who needs IM Graphics plugin?

IM Graphics plugin is useful for affiliate promoter or internet marketer. Those who cannot afford to spend lot of money for designing can easily avail this plugin to get a whole range of graphic symbols. It is easy to insert into web pages and blog posts.

The plugin is useful for bloggers who will also promote affiliate products and services in addition to their own range of products. It reduces time and effort. You will be able to get high quality graphics in less time. The plug-in is made available at one fourth of the actual price. Add on benefit is the ability to import your own graphics as well.

You will also be able to manage graphics through directories very easily. This is the right time for bloggers and web marketers to own this plugin at a very less price. With this plugin, you will be able to sell more and convert more traffic into sales.

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