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Advanced Android Tips To Help You Use Your Droid Smart

Advanced Android Tips To Help You Use Your Droid Smart

Advanced Android Tips To Help You Use Your Droid Smart

Many people have smartphones and tablets, and many of these devices are Androids. Even though so many folks have these devices, many of them don’t really harness all of the power these devices have because they are unaware of all of the great features and possibilities that they offer.

Regardless of how long some folks own their Android, they are still beginners, not tapped into what they really have. The following are just a few advanced Android tips that can help to start turning almost anyone into an advance Android user.

Be a Keyboard King

The Android keyboard is a powerful tool; some of the best advanced Android tips all have to do with mastering it. A lot of the keyboard tips are more rudimentary, but once you master them all, you will be a pro.

For example, the little microphone key next to the spacebar can allow you to talk to type, and a quick press of the spacebar will accept the transcription. Pressing and holding certain keys can present other options such as different and accented characters.

Launch your way

The standard home screen launcher isn’t so bad, but there are applications you can download that are just better. By choosing a third-party home screen launcher, you can get even more out of your device. You usually get more shortcuts and a better interface, but you will have to reorganize your home screens once you select one of the many launchers that are available for you Android.

Tap and hold

The Android operating system is pretty intuitive, making it pretty simple for most users to navigate, but a long press and hold almost anywhere in the interface can make navigation even easier. Tap and hold to bring up a pop up menu that will offer options to help you do more quickly.

Go home

You can use your home button like a Windows Task Manager. If you want to open one of your most recently launched apps, you should just hold down your home button. This will trigger a list of the six applications you launched most recently, and you can select from there to make multitasking quicker and easier.

Get on the ball

If you have a device with a trackball, you have a few more options than other Android users. When taking a picture for example, you can either tap and hold the screen to trigger the shutter or press the trackball. Also, depending on your device, a long press on your trackball and a long press on your screen will end up giving you the very same result.

Make the web faster in a flash

Android has a big win over iOS because it handles web content with Flash, and while this is awesome, it can slow the browser down. In the advanced browser settings, don’t “enable plug-ins,” but select “on demand.” This means that any Flash will show an arrow that you have to click to start which keeps your browsing fast. Please note, not all versions have this feature.

And more…

These are just a few of the advanced Android tips out there, and there are more floating around all over the web. Also, with a bit of practice and playing around with your device, you will be able to discover even more on your own.

Whatever you do, however, don’t get tricked into paying money for a book or software that will teach you these tricks; often filled with more basic information, you will get much more out of a quick Google search and will have more money left over to buy apps with.

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