Can I delete Internet Explorer if I have Firefox?

Can I delete Internet Explorer if I have Firefox?

Q: I use Firefox as my default Internet browser instead of Windows’ default browser, Internet Explorer. Can I remove Explorer from my computer without creating a problem? A: Yes, many people prefer Firefox as their browser. It’s easy to remove Internet Explorer, and it won’t create a problem.

How do I download Firefox without Internet Explorer?

All Replies (3) Download Firefox from here – – on a computer that does have a working browser. Then transfer the setup file to a USB Flash Stick. Plug that USB Flash Stick into the other computer and launch the Firefox setup file.

Does Firefox use Internet Explorer?

Firefox does not use Internet Explorer to access the internet, but some of the components of Windows that Firefox needs, such as the networking components, might be intertwined with IE in such a way that IE updates will affect them.

Should I uninstall Internet Explorer?

If you don’t use Internet Explorer, don’t uninstall it. Uninstalling Internet Explorer may cause your Windows computer to have problems. Even though removing the browser isn’t a wise option, you can safely disable it and use an alternative browser to access the internet.

Is Firefox more secure than Internet Explorer?

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) tested Mozilla Firefox 68 (ESR), Google Chrome 76, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge 44 to determine the most secure browser. And Firefox was crowned the only winner.

Which is better Firefox or Internet Explorer?

In a head-to-head comparison, it’s really no contest at all. Firefox is hands down the winner across all assessment categories. If you do find yourself at Nana’s house firing up Internet Explorer, maybe you want to do Nana a favor and download Firefox for her.

Why can’t I delete Internet Explorer from my computer?

Because Internet Explorer 11 comes preinstalled on Windows 10 — and no, you can’t uninstall it. 1. Right-click the Start menu icon and click Control Panel to open the Control Panel. In the Windows Features window, find Internet Explorer 11 and uncheck the box next to it.

Can you use Firefox with Internet Explorer settings?

Firefox is now fully installed on your computer with your Internet Explorer settings imported. Read the next section to explore the screen layout of Firefox so you are more familiar with it. The interface of Firefox is very similar to Internet Explorer.

How can I uninstall Mozilla Firefox from my computer?

Click the Windows Start button or press the Windows key . In the Start Menu, click Control Panel . In the Control Panel window, click the Uninstall a program link under the Programs section. From the list of currently installed programs, select Mozilla Firefox .

Where can I download the latest version of Firefox?

Download the latest Desktop version of Firefox from and save the setup file to your computer. After the download finishes, close all Firefox windows (click Exit from the Firefox or File menu). Mac: Delete Firefox from the Applications folder.

How to do a clean install of Firefox?

#Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox: ##Double-click the downloaded installation file and go through the steps of the installation wizard. ##Once the wizard is finished, choose to directly open Firefox after clicking the Finish button.

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