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Can I get the HPV vaccine from my GP?

Can I get the HPV vaccine from my GP?

You may be able to have the vaccine privately at your GP, but some surgeries will charge an extra administration fee. Check the full cost before you book an appointment. Different places may only offer the HPV vaccine to people up to a certain age. For example, some pharmacies only offer it to people up to age 45.

Do people in the UK have the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine is provided free by the NHS for boys and girls aged 12-13 in the UK. The vaccine protects against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is linked to 90% of cervical cancers and 5% of all cancers worldwide.

Do pharmacies do HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccines can be purchased in most pharmacies. You can also use our vaccination clinic finder to find an outlet near you. If you’re purchasing GARDASIL®9 at the pharmacy, it may be possible to get vaccinated at the same time.

Where do you get the HPV shot at?

HPV vaccines should be administered intramuscularly in the deltoid region of the upper arm or in the higher anterolateral area of the thigh. The preferred site of administration is the deltoid region of the upper arm.

Who is eligible for free HPV vaccine?

Girls and boys aged up to 19 can receive two doses of the HPV vaccine free of charge as part of the National HPV Vaccination Program. Vaccination is routinely given in school-based programs at age 12–13, with catch up of older children supported by general practice and primary health care clinics.

Who should not get HPV vaccine?

Some people should not get some HPV vaccines, including: People who have ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction to any ingredient of an HPV vaccine, or to a previous dose of HPV vaccine. People who have an allergy to yeast (Gardasil and Gardasil 9). People who are pregnant.

Can I get HPV vaccine for free?

Do I need to pay for HPV immunisation? Vaccines are free for people who are eligible under the NIP. See the NIP Schedule to find out which vaccines you or your family are eligible for. Eligible people get the vaccine for free, but your health care provider may charge a consultation fee for the visit.

How much does it cost for HPV vaccine?

How much does the HPV vaccine cost? Each dose of the vaccine can cost about $250. Luckily, many health insurance companies cover the HPV vaccine. There are also programs that help some people without insurance get the vaccine for low or no cost.

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