Can you change your Neopets species?

Can you change your Neopets species?

You can also change the species or color of your pet with a magic potion. And, if you get access to the lab ray by collecting the map pieces, you can “zap” your pet, randomly changing its color, species, characteristics (such as speed, intelligence or defense strength) or even its gender.

How do you get rare Neopets?

Occasionally more of a limited edition species will be released during special events, such as for Neopets’ birthday. Other ways to get limited edition pets are through adoption, the lab ray, magical plushies, or through morphing potions.

How do I make my Neopets stronger?

Tips on Increasing Stats of Neopets for Newbies

  1. Never train in Mystery Island Training School.
  2. Make use of the Golden Dubloon.
  3. Increase other stats to their limit, then increase level.
  4. Play Deadly Dice to reduce a pet’s level or use the Lab Ray to reduce a pet’s level if necessary. (
  5. Use Lab Ray on your pets. (

How can you turn your pet into a robot Neopets?

The Robot Petpet Paintbrush can be found via the Shop Wizard or Trading Post. You can transform your pet into a robot by using a One-Use Robotification Zappermajig, which was an exclusive, no trade prize for participating in the Return of Dr. Sloth event.

What do magical plushies do Neopets?

Magical Plushies These are not the normal cheap plushies that you’d casually let your Neopet hug. If a pet plays with a Magical Plushie, he or she will change species and colour to match that of the plushie — so playing with a Magical Blue Pteri Plushie will change your pet into a Blue Pteri.

What are the rarest items in Neopets?

The Top 10 Rarest Items in Neopia

  • Name: Hubrid’s Odial Sphere.
  • Name: Flotato Gloves.
  • Name: Darigan Sword of Death.
  • Name: The Golden Bringer Plushie.
  • Name: Island Attack Fish.
  • Name: Tazzalor’s Cutlass.
  • Name: Ski Lodge Mutant Kacheek Plushie.
  • Name: Xantan Cloak of Slime.

How many Neopets should you have?

Three NeoPets: Three is a nice, solid number. It’s a good amount of NeoPets for those who can afford it. You can also get a variety of personalities from having three NeoPets.

What should I train my Neopets?

You can put your pet in one of two training schools at the start: The Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island, and the Mystery Island Training School. The Academy is slower but much cheaper, so you should probably start there.

Are there any mutant Neopets in Neopia?

Recently three new Transmogrification Potions has been introduced into Neopia for the Shoyru, Kougra, and Cybunny. It seems that Kauvara is still conducting business with the disguised man name Dr. Sloth, so expect to see more mutant species in the future. Below I will write a little about each mutated NeoPet:

Are there any transmogrification potions for mutant Neopets?

There is currently a Transmogrification Potion for the Mutant Blumaroo, Mutant Buzz, Mutant Chia, Mutant Elephante, Mutant Grundo, Mutant Kacheek, Mutant Kiko, Mutant Korbat, Mutant Krawk, Mutant Moehog, Mutant Techo, Mutant Usul. Recently three new Transmogrification Potions has been introduced into Neopia for the Shoyru, Kougra, and Cybunny.

How many Neopets can you own at a time?

You can own up to 6 Neopets at a time, 7 if you purchase a Premium subscription, (and if you choose to have more than one account, you can potentially own as many as 31, though there are extra rules governing that), but only one (your “active Neopet”) will be displayed around the site when you play games and interact with other users.

Are there items that will change your Neopet’s appearance?

However, there are also plenty of items in Neopia that will alter your Neopet’s appearance. Some of these are well-known and frequently used, while others may take you by surprise if you aren’t careful about what your pet eats, reads or plays with.

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