Computer Monitors Are GOOD For Your Health

Computer Monitors Are GOOD For Your Health

Computer Monitors Are GOOD For Your Health

At the dawn of the computer age our computer monitors were big, bulky screens, designed with the sole purpose of displaying data. Hell, we were just ecstatic we could fit a computer onto our desk!

No one was concerned about the effect they could have on our health, until, that is, they started to do so.

With some of us working on computers all day long and with most of us sitting in front of a screen for at least a few hours every day we soon worked out that staring at a screen wasn’t easy on the eye.

Equally, the stance we take when sitting in front of the computer started causing vast numbers of people problems with neck and back strain.

Computer monitors: Improvements

Technology has come a long way, just take a look at the computer you are using now, chances are it’s either a modern, flat screen or a laptop.

Thanks to advancements in computer technology and much better computer monitors being a computer user isn’t so bad for your health, with some actually even being good for your health.


Radiation was a concern very early on with computers but modern screens do not emit any harmful radiation. In the past, CRT Monitors did give off X-Rays and harmful radiation but the majority of computer users now work with an LCD screen.

With regards to radiation modern LCD screens are much better than CRT monitors as it removes the use of larger electromagnets and energised phosphors to create images.

An Eye for an Eye

Following on from radiation, modern LCD screens are much better for our eyes thanks to the reduction in any harmful radiation.

Modern LCD monitors use diffused light, aiding our eyes, whilst the clarity of an image on an old CRT screen would be considerably less than on an LDC screen causing eye strain.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Thanks to the advancements in monitors our screens are much more easily adjusted – long gone are the days when we were grateful that a computer would fit on our desktop, now we can adjust them in order to ensure we are sat in the most comfortable position possible for use.

Smart computer monitors

Investing in a new ‘smart’ monitor can have a considerable impact on your health. These brilliant monitors will actually track the way you sit, how close you are to the monitor and what type of posture you are using.

Your monitor will then warn you if you are in a position that can be dangerous, or that, over a prolonged period, can cause damage.


Since the first computers were introduced gaming has grown hugely in popularity and gamers spend hours upon hours in front of computer screens. Now, monitors are created with gamers in mind offering fantastic graphics which will reduce eye strain significantly.

With huge advancements in all areas, monitors are just not what they used to be – thank god!

So, there you have it; thanks to modern technology some computer monitors can actually be good for your health. This is surely a fact that will have gamers, social media users and office workers alike jumping up and down with delight, all over the world!

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