Did Steve Harmon Act lookout?

Did Steve Harmon Act lookout?

Steve Harmon’s role in the robbery was to act as the crew’s lookout. James King gave Steve the job of entering the drugstore beforehand to make sure that there weren’t any police officers or civilians in the store.

Does Steve tell the truth on the witness stand?

On the stand at trial, did Steve tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? No. He lied when he said he was not in the drugstore on the day of the robbery.

Why does Steve need to testify?

Why does O’Brien want Steve to testify? O’Brien wants Steve to testify so he can tell his side of the story and showcase him as a person. King can’t testify because he already made a statement to the police saying he didn’t know Bobo Evans, and the prosecutor can prove he is lying.

WHy does Steve see King in a different way now?

WHy does Steve see King in a different way now? He is able top see King’s true colors. Compare how Osvaldo acts on the streets vs. in court.

Why did the jury find Steve not guilty?

In the eyes of a jury member, several criminals, two of which are accepting plea bargains, testify that Steve was an accomplice, while the only credible witness in the entire case says that she didn’t see him. Steve would be found not guilty because of the lack of evidence and unreliable testimonies of Bobo and Cruz.

What is the main idea of Petrocelli’s closing argument?

In the end, Petrocelli argues that the State’s theory of the getover makes most sense. She continues by saying that nobody should feel badly that Steve didn’t do a good job as lookout.

How did Obrien prepare Steve to testify?

King is probably going to lose his case, O’Brien says, so Steve has to get himself away from him. To prepare for the witness stand, O’Brien and Steve play the Paper Cup Game. The Rules: If the cup stays up, Steve’s answer is good. If the cup flips over, Steve has to figure out what was wrong with his answer.

Did Steve Harmon lie on the stand?

Overall, Steve admits in his journal to being in the store and lies on the witness stand about what he was doing on the day of the robbery. In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, Steve is accused of a crime and forced to stand trial.

Why was Steve Harmon charged with felony murder?

In spite of his potential guilt, Steve’s youth and minimal involvement (he was passively roped into it by King) suggest that a felony murder charge is legally sanctioned but entirely unjust.

What was Steve Harmon’s involvement after the crime in Monster?

Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Steve Harmon is accused of felony murder alongside James King, and he tells the story of his difficult experience in jail while he is on trial for his life throughout the novel.

Who was Steve Harmon in the trial of Osvaldo Cruz?

He immediately distances himself from Osvaldo Cruz, James King, and Richard Evans following the crime. During the trial, Steve Harmon presents himself as a morally upright person and good student who is not associated with the other criminals involved with, or accused of, the crime.

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