Did the Chinook tribe use money?

Did the Chinook tribe use money?

Trading. The Chinook were prolific traders, and often traveled the network of rivers in the Pacific Northwest trading with other villages and White frontiersmen. They bartered fish products, furs, cedar, carvings, and slaves. The Chinook used shells as a form of currency.

What jobs did the Chinook tribe have?

Chinook men were fishermen and hunters, carved canoes, and sometimes went to war to protect their families. Chinook women gathered plants, herbs and clams and did most of the child care and cooking.

Did the Chinook tribe farm?

People in the Pacific Northwest like the Chinook and the Nez Perce did not farm or keep animals. There was always so much fish that nobody needed to start farming and they could just keep on fishing for their food.

How many people lived in the Chinook tribe?

Altogether, the Corps estimated the Skilloot population in 1806 to be about 2,500. An 1850 population estimate put the tribe at about 200 surviving members.

What tools did the Chinook tribe use?

The weapons were used by the Chinook tribe were spears, knives, bows and arrows and clubs. Unlike most other Native Indian tribes the Chinook used a form of defensive clothing called a clamon which was like a breastplate made from hardened elk hide and cedar bark and was designed to protect the wearer from arrow fire.

What did the Chinook Indians use for transportation?

The Chinook tribe ’s main way of transportation was the canoe. They had many, many types of canoes. Some types of canoes that they had was the big seagoing canoe, the shovelnose canoe, and the Chinook Canoe. The Chinooks used canoes while hunting, fishing, times of war, and trading.

What language did the Chinook speak?

The Chinook tribe spoke in the Chinookan and Penutian language. Penutian encompassed a large division of languages spoken in the Pacific northwest, near the Columbia River basin , including Chinookan, Oregon Penutian, Tsimshianic and Utian.

What did the Chinook Indians eat?

Chinook Indian Domestic Life. For food, Chinooks traditionally lived on fish and wild game, often smoked or dried, supplemented by root vegetables and berries. They also roasted their fare over an open fire and steamed shellfish in wooden containers or covered baskets.

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