Did the Titanic have a restaurant?

Did the Titanic have a restaurant?

À la Carte restaurant and Café Parisien Besides the first-class dining saloon, first-class passengers could dine in the elegant 140-seat À la Carte restaurant (nicknamed “The Ritz”) or the Café Parisien. These restaurants were next to each other on the Bridge (B) deck.

How many first class restaurants were on the Titanic?

The main kitchens, serving rooms, pantries, bakeries sculleries were located on the Saloon Deck between the 1st and 2nd Class Dining Saloons….1st Class Breakfast.

Baked Apples 1 Fresh Fruit Stewed Prunes
Quaker Oats 2 Boiled Hominy 3 Puffed Rice 4
Fresh Herrings
Findon Haddock 5 Smoked Salmon

What are the names of the restaurants on the Titanic?

I counted three restaurants on B deck, including the Cafe Perisian, two on D deck (The First and Second Class Dining Saloons) and the Third Class Dining Saloon on F deck. That makes a total of six. Hope this helps.

How big was the third class dining room on the Titanic?

Seating 532 passengers at once, the Titanic’s restaurant was the largest ever seen on a Trans-Atlantic vessel of the period. Third-class passengers ate in a modest dining room on the Middle Deck.

What did the passengers eat on the Titanic?

Shirlow revealed that the Titanic put to sea with 75,000 pounds of fresh meat, 40,000 eggs, 11,000 pounds of fresh fish, 40 tons of potatoes and 7,000 heads of lettuce. There were four restaurants on board to serve the passengers. First-class passengers dined in a 114-feet long sumptuous restaurant that spanned the full width of the ship.

Where was the ala carte restaurant on the Titanic?

They weren’t identified by name in the plans I have. The Verandah and Palm Courts were on A deck; the Ala Carte Restaurant and Cafe Parisian were on B deck. I believe they were all served from the restaurant kitchen by the Gatti staff (though it appears the Verandah and Palm Courts were supervised by two White Star stewards).

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