Do reptiles have backbones?

Do reptiles have backbones?

Amphibians are vertebrates, meaning they have a backbone. Reptiles, mammals, and birds have backbones, but they don’t share other amphibian characteristics. There are three main groups of amphibians, and of these, two are found in Blue Sky.

Do Komodo dragons have bones?

Komodo dragons – the biggest, fiercest, most impressive lizards on our planet – just got that much more amazing. A new discovery shows that under their scaly skin, these animals are completely covered in mail-like armour built out of tiny bones, from nose to tail-tip.

Is a Komodo dragon bulletproof?

Without doubt, one of the coolest living animals on the planet is the Komodo dragon Varanus komodoensis, a giant flesh-eating lizard that kills water buffalo, eats children, has venom glands, and is impervious to bullets (ok, I made that last bit up).

What reptile has the toughest skin?

The small python feeds on baby rodents and its skin may have evolved to resist bites from angry mothers. The Calabar burrowing python (Calabaria reinhardtii) has the thickest and hardest skin of any snake species, according to a study published in the Journal of Morphology.

What kind of senses does a Komodo dragon have?

The Komodo Dragon is also able to see in colour. The komodo dragons nostrils are not very good for smelling and it only has a few taste buds at the back of its throat. Their scales, some of which are reinforced with bone, have sensory plaques connected to nerves that facilitate their sense of touch.

Is the Komodo dragon a cannibalistic Dragon?

Komodo dragons may also be cannibalistic. Fortunately, the young spend their lives in trees, which likely helps reduce their risk of predation from the adults. In addition, Komodo dragon saliva contains potentially harmful bacteria that are thought to help weaken prey that are too large for a single dragon to overpower.

How are humans a threat to the Komodo dragon?

Humans have also posed a threat to the Komodo dragon’s survival. People have burned the Komodo dragon’s habitat to clear it for other uses, while poachers target this reptile and its prey .

How many Komodo dragons are there in the world?

There are approximately 4,000 – 5,000 living Komodo dragons in the wild. Although attacks are very rare, Komodo dragons have been known to kill humans.

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