How big is Tewkesbury?

How big is Tewkesbury?

160 mi²
Tewkesbury Borough/Area

What is the population of Tewkesbury?

Population 19,778 (2011)
OS grid reference SO8932
• London 94 miles (151 km) ESE
Civil parish Tewkesbury

What is Tewkesbury known for?

Tewkesbury, reputedly famous for mustard in William Shakespeare’s day, is a centre for boating and angling, especially on the slow-flowing Avon. The town’s main industries are flour milling, engineering, and boatbuilding.

Is Tewkesbury a good place to live?

Three areas in Gloucestershire are among the best places to live in the country, a new report says. Tewkesbury was the county’s highest-ranked area, coming in at 36th in Halifax’s nationwide quality of life survey for 2017. Cotswold was rated as the 45th best place to live and Stroud scraped into the top 50 at 48th.

How old is Tewkesbury Enola Holmes?

In the novel In The Case of the Missing Marquess, Tewksbury (spelled without an “e”) is significantly younger at only twelve years old. Over the course of the story, Enola takes to calling him “Tewky”.

Does Tewkesbury have a train station?

Ashchurch for Tewkesbury is a railway station serving the North Gloucestershire and South Worcestershire Area from the outskirts of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, England.

Does Tewkesbury flood?

Tewkesbury is particularly vulnerable to flooding because of its geographical location at the meeting point of two sizeable rivers: the Severn and the Avon. When the overflowing rivers met at Tewkesbury the outcome was inevitable. Nearly 50,000 homes were affected, many needing significant repairs.

Is Gloucestershire rough?

“Generally Gloucestershire is a very low crime county but certain areas are likely to experience different crime types and trends. “We would always encourage people with concerns around levels of crime in their area to make contact with their local policing team.

What is Cinderford like to live in?

Quiet and peaceful, lots of activities, lots of wildlife, housing is cheap. Cinderford itself has a bit of a rep in the Forest as less desirable, but if you compare it to inner city areas its perfectly fine. A friend of mine has just purchased one of the new builds there and it’s really nice.

Where are more than 1, 000 new homes planned for Tewkesbury?

According to the Tewkesbury Borough Council document, approximately 1,079 new homes will be built across the borough made up of small 20-30-home estates as well as larger developments. Areas such as Tewkesbury Town, Bishop’s Cleeve and Brockworth will see new developments of 100 homes be built, the document said.

How big is the area around Tewkesbury UK?

Offering beautiful views is this impressive detached Grade II Listed house that offers in total around 3976 square feet of accommodation, garden, annex, paddock and grounds extending to 2.36 acres within a delightful rural location just 1.8 miles to the north of Tewkesbury.

What was the name of the estate in Tewkesbury?

In 1708 the estate consisting of houses in Key Lane [6 tenants named] and a parcel of meadow called

Is the borough of Tewkesbury part of the European Parliament?

Tewkesbury is also covered by Tewkesbury Borough Council (district level) and Gloucestershire County Council. Tewkesbury is part of the wider Tewkesbury constituency for elections to the House of Commons and is represented in the European Parliament as part of the South West England constituency in the European Parliament.

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