How big is the Pensacola Navy Base?

How big is the Pensacola Navy Base?

8,423 acres
NAS Pensacola is located in Escambia County in the panhandle of Northwest Florida. The installation covers a total of 8,423 acres of land – 5,804 acres at NAS Pensacola proper, and over 2,500 acres at other locations including Corry Station, Saufley Field and Outlying Landing Field Bronson.

What planes fly out of NAS Pensacola?

The 479 FTG operates USAF T-6A Texan II and T-1A Jayhawk aircraft. Other tenant activities include the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, flying F/A-18 Hornets and a single USMC C-130T Hercules; and the 2nd German Air Force Training Squadron USA (German: 2.

Where should I live in NAS Pensacola?

NAS Pensacola Housing Options

  • Andrew Jackson Court. Ranks: E7-E9.
  • Barrancas. Ranks: O1-O6.
  • Billingsley. Ranks: O5-O6.
  • Cabaniss Crescent. Ranks: O1-O4.
  • Corry Village. Ranks: All.
  • Lighthouse Terrace. Ranks: All, including DoD contractors.
  • North Avenue. Ranks: O8+
  • Old Hospital. Ranks: O1-O9.

Can civilians visit NAS Pensacola?

The monument that greets every visitor to the National Naval Aviation Museum is called “The Spirit of Naval Aviation.” We look forward to sharing that spirit with everyone as soon as possible, but at this time civilian visitors can only enter NAS Pensacola and visit the museum if escorted by a holder of a Department of …

Who can access NAS Pensacola?

The National Naval Aviation Museum is located on board NAS Pensacola. Access to the air station and therefore the museum is limited to all holders of current Department of Defense (DoD) ID. Under the Trusted Traveler Program, he/she may escort up to 15 guests in a maximum of one vehicle.

Is Pensacola NAS on lockdown?

UPDATE 11:10 a.m. A spokesman for NAS Pensacola confirmed that the base is still on lockdown and said the number of injured is expected to rise as the day goes on. Four people, including the shooter, are still confirmed deceased.

What region is NAS Pensacola?

NAS Pensacola is located in the panhandle of Northwest Florida. The installation covers a total of 8,423 acres of land – 5,804 acres at NAS Pensacola proper, and over 2,500 acres at other locations. NAS Pensacola was the first Naval Air Station commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1914.

What is bah in Pensacola FL?

2021 Enlisted Rates

With Dependents Without Dependents
E3 $1461.00 $1191.00
E4 $1461.00 $1191.00
E5 $1503.00 $1335.00
E6 $1716.00 $1419.00

Is NAS Pensacola Open for visitors?

Visitors to the Barrancas National Cemetery may obtain a visitor’s pass from the Visitors Control Center (VCC), Bldg. 777 at the Main Gate. The NAS Pensacola VCC hours of operation are 7 a.m.-3 p.m. M-F, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Sat/Sun.

What military bases are in Pensacola Florida?

  • Pensacola Florida Military Bases.
  • Naval Air Station Pensacola.
  • Naval Air Station Whiting Field.
  • Hurlburt Field.
  • Eglin Air Force Base.

What to see at Naval Air Station Pensacola?

A continuing attraction for visitors to the Southeast is the National Naval Aviation Museum and the Barrancas National Cemetery. NAS Pensacola is one of the largest training operations in the Navy with nearly 60,000 students graduating from training programs annually.

Why was the Pensacola Navy Yard so important?

Construction began in April 1826, and the Pensacola Navy Yard became one of the best equipped naval stations in the country. In its early years the base dealt mainly with the suppression of slave trade and piracy in the Gulf and Caribbean.

Who was president when Pensacola air station was built?

Realizing the advantages of the Pensacola harbor and the large timber reserves nearby for shipbuilding, President John Quincy Adams and Secretary of the Navy Samuel Southard, in 1825, made arrangements to build a Navy yard on the Southern tip of Escambia County, where the air station is today.

Who is the commander of Naval Air Station Pensacola?

In 2002, in a move to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining military installations, infrastructure management of Naval Air Station Pensacola, Corry Station and Saufley Field was consolidated under the command of the Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station. In 2003, CNET was replaced by the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC).

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