How did Harry Blackstone Jr die?

How did Harry Blackstone Jr die?

Pancreatic cancer
Harry Blackstone Jr./Cause of death
He was 62, and lived in Redlands, Calif. The cause of death was pancreatic cancer, said Tom Dewhirst, an inspector at the San Bernardino County coroner’s office. The son of the ”Great Blackstone,” one of the century’s master illusionists, Harry Jr.

Is Harry Blackstone Jr still alive?

Deceased (1934–1997)
Harry Blackstone Jr./Living or Deceased

Where is Harry Blackstone buried?

Well respected by his peers, Blackstone was named Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in 1979 and 1985….Harry Blackstone Jr.

Original Name Harry Bouton
Burial Lakeside Cemetery Colon, St. Joseph County, Michigan, USA
Memorial ID 22505 · View Source

When was Harry Blackstone Jr born?

June 30, 1934
Harry Blackstone Jr./Date of birth

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How old was Harry Blackstone when he was born?

The son of the ”Great Blackstone,” one of the century’s master illusionists, Harry Jr. was born in Colon, Mich., on June 30, 1934, inheriting a famous name and a predilection for trickery. He first appeared in a magic act swaddled in a diaper when he was 6 months old.

Who is Harry Blackstone from Super Mario Bros?

Harry Blackstone Jr. was born on June 30, 1934 in Three Rivers, Michigan, USA. He is known for his work on Hart to Hart (1979), Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972) and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

What kind of TV shows did Harry Blackstone appear on?

Blackstone appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show, Donahue, The Today Show, Reading Rainbow and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. He also made occasional appearances as the mysterious Dr. Mephisto on the TV soap opera Santa Barbara. Of his several TV specials, the PBS two-hour special was unique due to the intros by some of The Muppets.

Who was the father of the Great Blackstone?

Blackstone was born in Three Rivers, Michigan, the son of noted stage magician Harry Blackstone Sr. (also known as “The Great Blackstone”).

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