How did knights care for their armor?

How did knights care for their armor?

Chain mail was cleaned by swirling the armour around a barrel full of sand and vinegar; squires must have been as relieved to see the advent of smooth plate armour as the blacksmiths who had spent untold hours of tedium forging tiny metal rings into a coat of chain mail.

Did knights decorate their armor?

In some cases painted armour has had its paint polished off, and in others paint has been added later. The other forms of evidence we have for armour (accounts and artwork) have their own problems – art may show things according to convention, or for aesthetic reasons, and not show what something looked like in person.

Did knights actually fight in armor?

In actual military engagements, armored knights were typically heavy cavalry–they would fight using a long lance from horseback, charging and crushing the enemy, and then often returning for another lance. They would keep the sword and shield as an emergency protection measure if they should be knocked from horseback.

Was medieval armor black?

Hence, many polished off whatever surface finish armor originally had to get it shiny. But if you flip through medieval paintings, you’ll see that armor is frequently depicted in a variety of colors like black and russet.

How were knights in armor killed?

Despite wearing armor that virtually covered their entire bodies, armor-clad warriors DID die in battles, which makes one wonder how knights wearing such heavy armor were felled using nothing more than swords and arrows.

How heavy was a Knights sword?

Knightly sword
Mass avg. 1.1 kg (2.4 lb)
Length avg. 90 cm (35 in)
Blade length avg. 75 cm (30 in)
Blade type Double-edged, straight bladed

How often would Knights actually be wearing their armour?

In fiction, knights are usually wearing their armour all the time. How often would an actual medieval soldier (noble or common) actually be wearing their armour? In fiction, knights are usually wearing their armour all the time.

How did fully armoured medieval knights deal with the heat?

Our armor was as realistic as we could make it. The weapons were of heavy rattan, roughly equivalent in weight to the real thing, and they could (would) cause bruising sometimes even through the armor and padding. And when it misses your armor and hits an opening in the armor?

How did a Knight get his sword and spurs?

A knight’s sword and spurs were given to him when, as a squire, he was first made a knight in a ceremony called a dubbing. Becoming a knight › Mail skirt Mail skirt

Does it make sense to travel in armour?

Did it make sense to travel in armour, in case of ambushes etc. I’m specifically interested in casual situations. Pilgrims, bodyguards, other kinds of travellers without a direct military purpose. But information about travelling in military situations is also fine.

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