How did Scrooge get rid of the spirit?

How did Scrooge get rid of the spirit?

The only ghost Scrooge attempts to vanquish is the Ghost of Christmas Past, and he attempts to get rid of it by placing the “extinguisher” over the top of it and pressing it down to the ground, “but though Scrooge pressed it down with all his force, he could not hide the light; which streamed from under it.” This image …

Why did the Ghost of Christmas Present die?

Finally, the ghost warns Scrooge about Ignorance and Want. Specifically, in what peril poor people would be if Scrooge did not change his ways. After his meeting with Scrooge is over, the Ghost of Christmas Present erodes into a skeleton, which soon turns into dust as it blows away.

How is death presented in A Christmas Carol?

Death is ever present in stave 4 of A Christmas Carol and Dickens shows the negative impact Scrooge’s life choices have on him in death. The figure is described as a “Phantom” which conjures imagery of death, destruction and the supernatural nature of the being.

What was the only emotion that the Ghost could show Scrooge for the death of this man?

one of pleasure
Yes. Soften it as they would, their hearts were lighter. The children’s faces, hushed and clustered round to hear what they so little understood, were brighter; and it was a happier house for this man’s death! The only emotion that the Ghost could show him, caused by the event, was one of pleasure.

Why was Scrooge embarrassed crying?

Scrooge is embarrassed to cry because he is known to be a man with no emotion and does not have a single care in the world for others. Others would not be used to him crying, so he quickly became embarrassed because the act of crying is new to him.

Who dies but is alive at the end of a Christmas carol?

(61) Since Scrooge does not recognize that he has a spirit within him that should walk “among his fellow men,” he is already, in that sense, dead, while Marley is terribly alive in his suffering.

What did the spirit say at the end of A Christmas Carol?

The Spirit stopped beside one little knot of business men. Observing that the hand was pointed to them, Scrooge advanced to listen to their talk. “No,” said a great fat man with a monstrous chin, “I don’t know much about it, either way. I only know he’s dead.” “When did he die?” inquired another. “Last night, I believe.”

Why does Dicken’s spirit appear in A Christmas Carol?

The fact that it has the appearance of both a child and old man, also symbolises that the spirit is ageless. This indicated that Scrooge is in the presence of the supernatural. After much waiting and confusion over the entrance of the spirit, it suddenly appears in front of Scrooge.

What did Scrooge say to the Ghost in A Christmas Carol?

In leaving it, I shall not leave its lesson, trust me. Let us go.’ Still the Ghost pointed with an unmoved finger to the head. `I understand you,’ Scrooge returned,’ and I would do it, if I could. But I have not the power, Spirit.

What was stave 4 in A Christmas Carol?

Stave 4, entitled “The Last of the Spirits,” is the story of the Ghost of Christmas Future’s visit. The spirit “seemed to scatter gloom and mystery,” and Scrooge bends on one knee in apprehension, as he is filled “with a solemn dread.”

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