How did Suarez meet his wife?

How did Suarez meet his wife?

It was around that time that he met the love of his life, Sofia Balbi, who would change his life forever. Sofia was just 13 while Suarez was 15 when they first crossed paths, and it was love at the first sight. Suarez’s world was soon shattered again after Sofia decided to join her family in Barcelona.

What nationality is Luis Suarez’s wife?

Sofia Balbi was born on 11 November 1989 in Montevideo, in a rich, middle-class family. , and because of his job, Sofia’s family was forced to leave Uruguay and immigrate to Spain. was 13, she moved to Spain with her family to study, leaving Suarez alone in Uruguay. Sofia has one brother and two sisters.

When did Suarez get married?

March 2009 (Sofia Balbi)
Luis Suárez/Wedding dates

How rich is Luis Suarez?

Being one of the best strikers in the world, he is without a doubt a star worth a million dollars. The estimated net worth of Suarez is $51 million….Luis Suarez Endorsements.

Age Source of Wealth
$17.3 Million $6 Million
Residence Brands Endorsed
Montevideo, Uruguay Adidas, PepsiCo, My Brand, Hawker

How old is Luis Suarez?

34 years (January 24, 1987)
Luis Suárez/Age

Who is the wife of Luis Suarez football player?

Sofia Balbi is the wife of famous Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez.

How old was Luis Suarez when he married Sofia Balbi?

Sofia Balbi happens to be a young and vivacious Uruguayan woman who gained global fame after she married famous Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez. She met Luis for the first time when she was all of 13 years old.

How did Luis Suarez get to Uruguay football team?

Suárez was found by a group of scouts from the Dutch club Groningen when they were in Uruguay to scout another player. As they watched, he won and converted a penalty and scored a “wonder goal” against Defensor.

When did Luis Suarez join Liverpool Football Club?

On 31 January 2011, Suárez signed a five-and-a-half-year deal with Liverpool until 2016, and was the club’s most expensive signing (£22.8 million) until the arrival of Andy Carroll (£35 million) a few hours later.

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