How do I find my community tax certificate number?

How do I find my community tax certificate number?

The process for acquiring a community tax certificate is as follows:

  1. Proceed to city hall or barangay and ask for the designated office/desk/window for the Sedula/Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
  2. Present a valid ID.
  3. Fill out the application form. Provide the following information:

What is cedula number?

A cedula is a document issued to Filipinos upon payment of a residence tax. At present, the cedula is one of the basic requirements for most government transactions. It can also serve as valid identification for individuals and corporations residing or located in the same municipality where it is acquired.

Is cedula and residence certificate the same?

A community tax certificate (Filipino: sertípiko ng buwís pampámayanan) or sédula (from Spanish cédula), sometimes confused as residence certificate, is a legal identity document in the Philippines.

Is community tax certificate a valid ID?

Valid IDs (Photocopy it as well, optional and for emergency purposes) Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

Where can I find my cedula number?

It contains a unique Cedula number that you can use as a valid identification card. Here is a step by step guide on the process: Visit the municipal hall, city hall, or barangay hall within your area of residence. Present your valid ID for checking.

What is meant by residence certificate?

The residence/domicile certificate is to be issued by the concerned authority of State Government/Union Territory to certify that the person bearing the certificate is a domicile/resident of State/Union Territory to whom the certificate being issued.

What should I pay for cedula?

Every resident of legal age of the Municipality is required to secure this certificate yearly. The basic community tax fee is five pesos. If a person is working, an additional one peso for every 1,000 pesos of his gross annual income is added. This is secured during the first month of the year.

What do you mean by cedula?

1 : any of various official documents or certificates in Spain, Latin America, or the Philippines: such as. a : a permit or order issued by the government. b : a personal registration tax certificate in the Philippines.

Where do you get a community tax certificate?

Community Tax Certificate or Cedula is issued to a person or corporation upon payment of the Community tax. A community tax is paid in place of residence of the individual or in the place where the principal office of the juridical entity is located. Where: City Treasurer’s Office – Community Tax Certificate Section-Taxes and Fees Division

What is a community tax certificate in the Philippines?

A community tax certificate ( Filipino: sertípiko ng buwís pampámayanan) or sédula (from Spanish cédula ), sometimes confused as residence certificate, is a legal identity document in the Philippines. Issued by cities and municipalities to all persons that have reached the age of majority…

How old do you have to be to pay a community tax?

A community tax, also called a residence tax or poll tax, is imposed on all the inhabitants of the community who are eighteen years old and above as well as to juridical persons, like corporations, doing business in the community or whose office or establishment is located in the community.

What’s the difference between a community tax certificate and a residence certificate?

Residence Certificate is commonly mistaken as Community Tax Certificate. In reality, Residence Certificate is more commonly known as Brgy. Clearance.

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