How do I identify mystic topaz?

How do I identify mystic topaz?

Mystic topaz can be identified from Azotic topaz by its darker colors, which mainly exhibit as purples, blues and greens. Azotic gemstones are generally lighter in color and look more pinkish-yellow.

Is Mystic topaz durable?

Mystic topaz ranks eight on Mohs scale of hardness which makes the gem impressively scratch resistant. However, topaz has perfect cleavage, which means that the gems structure makes it susceptible to fracture if hit from the right direction.

What is mystic stone?

Mystic Topaz is the ultimate gemstone cocktail, beautifully combining brilliance with a kaleidoscope of colours. It is also known as Rainbow Topaz, Titanium Topaz, Alaskan Topaz and even Caribbean Topaz. Although the gem features a rainbow of colours, its dominant colours are purple and green.

Does Mystic topaz fade?

Because mystic topaz is made up of a surface coating, much like gold plating or rhodium plating, over time it can fade in color and wear out. To prolong its life, it’s important to take care of the stone, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat, as well as chemicals that can damage it.

Is topaz A rare stone?

In nature, topaz is most commonly colorless, and naturally strong blue gems are extremely rare. In the marketplace, however, strong blue shades are plentiful. Treatments are the reason for this. Treaters use a combination of radiation and heat to produce blue hues in topaz.

Is Mystic Opal real?

Frequently compared to galaxies, fireworks and volcanoes, these rainbow-hued beauties are a real treasure to possess and adorn. Even though they are highly adored, there is still a misconception that opals are only milky white.

What is the price of a Mystic topaz?

It is so rare that it is likely you may never see one outside a museum. Mystic topaz is inexpensive topaz coated with a polymer that gives it a sort of rainbow appearance. Good alexandrite could fetch millions a carat. Mystic topaz is worth about the price of the postage.

What’s the difference between an alexandrite and a mystic?

The unique factor for alexandrite is that it has the ability to change color; from green to blue-green it can change to shades of red when under incandescent light. It is also used for alternative healing. A lot!

What are the mystical properties of topaz stones?

Mystical Properties. The most valuable of topaz stones are yellow-orange color and they are called Imperial Topaz. The value of the topaz is increased by the darker orange and reddish pigments. Pure Topaz is transparent and almost completely clear, all of the stones change in appearance once placed through CVD.

What’s the difference between alexandrite and natural gemstone?

Real alexandrite is a natural gemstone made by nature and very rare. It has color change properties. The gemstone mostly color changes from red to green. The better the color change the more expensive. Make sure to get a GIA lab report if you invest in the stone.

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