How do I know if my guinea pig has bumblefoot?

How do I know if my guinea pig has bumblefoot?

The infected guinea pig’s footpads may become inflamed (redness), develop sores, or become overgrown over the course of many months. Other signs and symptoms include: Loss of hair on affected foot. Reluctance to move or inability to walk normally.

How do you treat an open wound on a guinea pig?

If a guinea pig has been injured, small wounds can be treated with “Rivanol”, “Betaisodona” or an antiseptic ointment at first. These products will disinfect the area. Always use the recommended amount for a child. Ointments and mild disinfectants for wounds are available in all chemists.

How do you cure bumblefoot in guinea pigs?

Treatment. In all cases investigate and treat underlying causes, supplement with vitamin C (50mg orally daily) and clip overgrown nails. Mild cases. Change bedding to soft, dry material such as clean hay, or padded surfaces with shredded paper.

Will bumblefoot clear up on its own?

Often referred to as pododermatitis, bumblefoot is an inflammatory condition of the soles of the feet that, if treated quickly and aggressively, can be resolved without causing long-term or significant damage to a bird.

How often should you soak a guinea pig’s foot?

While your vet knows best, generally you use a small container like a pill bottle lid to soak your guinea pig’s foot in the solution several times a day. Always supervise your guinea pig while its foot is soaking to ensure proper treatment, as well as to make sure the guinea pig doesn’t get it in its eyes or mouth.

How long does it take guinea pig’s Bumble foot to heal?

Pic taken after a soak where the area looks clean already. There is usually lots of debris like poop and bedding stuck in the wound. Oral antibiotics 2 daily for or three weeks depending on how fast the healing is going.

When to take a guinea pig to the vet?

Please do not ignore your guinea pig when it starts to limp. If the limp lasts for a few days, you have to take it to the vet. If the wound is ignored, it will either heal incorrectly and cause a life lifetime of pain, or not heal at all and cause an infection or damage to the muscle.

What should I do if my guinea pig’s foot is bleeding?

If bleeding is excessive, styptic powder may help. Usually the nail will grow back, although it may be more than a month before you see the new one. See a vet if there are any signs of infection like swelling or feeling hot to the touch. Some guinea pigs develop flaps of tough skin that protrude from their front feet.

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