How do you fall into unconsciousness?

How do you fall into unconsciousness?

A person may become temporarily unconscious, or faint, when sudden changes occur within the body. Common causes of temporary unconsciousness include: low blood sugar….What causes unconsciousness?

  1. a car accident.
  2. severe blood loss.
  3. a blow to the chest or head.
  4. a drug overdose.
  5. alcohol poisoning.

What causes a person to fall unconscious?

Unconsciousness can be caused by nearly any major illness or injury. It can also be caused by substance (drug) and alcohol use. Choking on an object can result in unconsciousness as well. Brief unconsciousness (or fainting) is often a result from dehydration, low blood sugar, or temporary low blood pressure.

Do you become unconscious when you fall?

A collapse may happen when you become unconscious for a few seconds, such as when you faint. You might fall to the ground and not respond to sounds or being shaken. Your pulse may become faint and you might even stop breathing. A person collapses when their brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.

Can you fall unconscious due to pain?

Common causes of fainting include heat, pain, distress, the sight of blood, or anxiety and hyperventilating. Lying the person down will often improve the person’s condition. Frequent fainting spells need to be medically investigated to check for underlying causes.

What should you do if someone is unconscious for a long time?

If someone remains unconscious for more than a minute, get help as quickly as possible. If you suspect that the cause is excessive heat, move the person to a cooler place. Lay the person on her back, elevating the legs eight to 12 inches. This will help blood flow to the brain.

What happens to your body when you lose consciousness?

You can lose consciousness if both hemispheres are turned off at once — though if only one is affected, the other can pick up some of the slack. You can also lose consciousness if part of the brainstem is knocked offline. Brain activity can be affected by a number of things — oxygen can be cut off to certain parts, or a blood vessel might burst.

What should you do if someone faints and does not regain consciousness?

Because it is scary when someone does not quickly regain consciousness, some people panic and do the wrong thing. Remember: Do not slap, shake, or throw water on the victim. Do not place a pillow under the head. Do not give anything to drink. One exception may be people with diabetes.

When to get help for someone who has lost consciousness?

Often it is a sign of a serious medical problem, such as seizure, serious blow to the head, concussion, heart attack, diabetic coma, epilepsy, or another condition. It is important to treat someone who has fainted or lost consciousness with care to avoid injury. If someone remains unconscious for more than a minute, get help as quickly as possible.

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