How do you get into the Goldenrod city radio tower?

How do you get into the Goldenrod city radio tower?

Upon finding the real station manager in the second basement of the Goldenrod Department Store, he will give the player a Card Key to open the door on the third floor that separates the upper floors of the tower in two.

How do you get the Team Rocket uniform in Pokemon Gold?

Go to the underground and go to the place where you get a picture taken with the uniform on. There a female Team Rocket person will be there and think you are the new guy. Then you get the uniform and go to the radio tower.

How do you get Team Rocket disguise in Heartgold?

Goldenrod Underground & Radio Tower Go to Goldenrod and you will discover that you cannot enter the Radio Tower’s second floor. Go to the Underground and you will find that you can change into the Rocket Disguise usually used for photographs. With that costume on, head up to the Radio Tower.

Where do you leave the radio tower in Pokemon Heart Gold?

If you took a beating from Proton (or are otherwise in a state of disrepair), keep in mind you can leave the Radio Tower to heal your Pokemon party at the city’s Pokemon Center, and then return in earnest to continue your task.

What to do in Goldenrod City radio tower?

Instead, you should simply concentrate on fighting the two Team Rocket Grunts and the Scientist there, as well. Again, you’ll face-off with unremarkable, fairly weak Pokemon parties from these evil trainers, so you don’t have much to worry about in this respect.

How to get back to Goldenrod City in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Well, many clues will point you in the same direction, for it’s time to head back to the metropolis known as Goldenrod City. Don’t go overland to get to Goldenrod City. Simply use your Fly ability to get there automatically.

Where do you find Team Rocket in Goldenrod City?

Head down the stairs once inside, and begin to walk southward and to the right. When you do, you’ll run into a photographer. Mistaking you for a new Team Rocket recruit, he quickly provides you with a Team Rocket uniform before going about his business.

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