How do you make a simple sunspot viewer?

How do you make a simple sunspot viewer?

Take the cardboard box and cut a 2 centimeter x 2 centimeter hole at one end. Tape a piece of aluminum foil over the hole, making sure it is taut. Carefully use the pushpin or sewing needle to poke a hole into the foil. At the opposite side of the box, cut a small window about 1 centimeter from the end.

How does a pinhole viewer work?

In a pinhole viewer, the light enters through the small pinhole, much the same way that light enters the eye through the pupil. The light creates an image on the wax paper, similar to the way that light creates an image on the retina of the eye.

Can you see sunspots with a pinhole camera?

Using this method you can see considerable detail in and around sunspot groups. Pinhole projectors and certain types of solar filters can also afford a safe view of the Sun. Pinhole projectors usually produce a small and unsatisfying image, but they are better than nothing if you don’t have a telescope or binoculars.

What is the purpose of a pinhole viewer?

A pinhole viewer is one of the oldest and simplest optical devices, and can be used to observe an eclipse.

What is pinhole camera in science for Class 6?

A pinhole camera is a simple camera, without lens, in the shape of a box. One of the sides has a small hole and it produces an inverted image of the outside world at other side.

What do you use to make a pinhole projector?

To make a quick version of the pinhole projector, take a sheet of paper and make a tiny hole in the middle of it using a pin or a thumbtack.

What can you do with a pinhole camera?

For extra fun, try poking multiple holes in your foil, making shapes, patterns and other designs. Each hole you create will turn into its own projection of the eclipse, making for some neat effects. Grab a helper to take photos of your designs for a stellar art project you can enjoy even after the eclipse has ended.

How to see the sun through a pinhole?

With your back towards the Sun, hold 1 piece of paper above your shoulder allowing the Sun to shine on the paper. The 2nd sheet of paper will act as a screen. Hold it at a distance, and you will see an inverted image of the Sun projected on the paper screen through the pinhole. To make the image of the Sun larger,…

Is it possible to view the solar eclipse through a pinhole projector?

Solar eclipses can look spectacular, but the Sun’s UV radiation can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness. Make your own pinhole projector to view a solar eclipse.

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