How do you measure the concentration of sugar in water?

How do you measure the concentration of sugar in water?

A hydrometer is placed in water and then in a number of carefully prepared sugar solutions of different known concentrations. The stem emergence in each solu- tion is measured. Then a line graph is prepared by plotting the stem emergence of each solution versus its corresponding concentration.

How does sugar concentration affect the refractive index of water?

Dissolving a substance such as sugar in water increases the refraction of light through the water, and the greater the amount of material dissolved, the more the light beam will be bent, and the higher the index of refraction will be.

Does sugar affect refractive index?

1. The higher the sugar concentration, the more light bends (higher refractive index). The refractive index is increasing because the solution is getting #thicker# creating a denser medium with a higher refractive index.

Does Salt reflect light?

As the electrons move to lower energy states, the previously stored energy is released in the form photons of visible light. After the electrons return to normal energy states, the salt crystals reflect light as normally and appear white.

How do you increase the refractive index of water?

A. In each case, the refractive index can be increased by either changing the concentration (more dissolved salt corresponds to higher n) or the temperature (higher temperature decreases n).

How to measure sugar content with a laser pointer?

How to Measure Sugar Content With a Laser Pointer | Sciencing When light rays pass from air into water, they bend, because the index of refraction of air is different from the index of refraction of water. In other words, light rays travel at a different speed in air than they do in water.

How to measure the concentration of sugar in a liquid?

In this science fair project, you will learn how to measure the concentration of sugar dissolved in a liquid by using a laser pointer, a hollow prism, and some physics. You will discover how refraction, or the bending of light, is the key to measuring the sugar content of a liquid with a laser pointer.

Why does sugar water have a higher refraction index?

The greater the index of refraction, the more the light bends. Sugar water is denser than plain water, so sugar water has a higher index of refraction than plain water.

What happens when a liquid is filled with a laser pointer?

But, when the prism is filled with liquid, the laser is refracted twice, as shown in Figure 5. The diagram shows a top-down view of a laser from a laser pointer shining into a triangular prism filled with a clear liquid. When the laser beam enters the prism it is refracted and turns upward.

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