How do you pull a steering column?

How do you pull a steering column?

Remove the tilt lever on the steering column if one is present. Unscrew and remove the lower half of the steering column covers with a screwdriver, then pull the upper half off. Disconnect all the electrical connectors on the electrical harness and then pry off the clip retaining the harness onto the column.

Is it hard to replace steering column?

It will take more than a couple of hours for a mechanic to remove your old steering column and then replace it with the new one. For this reason, the labor will be anywhere from $200 to $600. It all depends on the make and model of your vehicle and how complicated it is for the mechanic to access your steering column.

How hard is it to replace steering rack?

Replacing the steering rack is not physically difficult, but there are a few steps that you need to take in order to ensure that it is done correctly and that the repair lasts. Cleanliness is the key to a steering rack replacement.

How big should steering box be for El Camino?

The box should turn easliy with your fingers outside of this range. The correct torque to turn the shaft over-center is 6 to 10 inch pounds, not even one foot pound! The point is to get the over-center adjustment just right. Try it several times before you do call it done.

How can I remove slop from my steering box?

The stock steering box on your g-body has an adjustment that is free, takes very little time to do and requires minimal tools. This adjustment removes slop in the preload of the gears in the steering box.

What can I do to my GM steering box?

There are two adjustments you can make to a GM box. One is the thrust bearing preload and the other is the pitman shaft “over center” sector adjustment. I set both of these with the box clamped in a vise.

Where is the preload plug on a GM steering box?

Adjust thrust bearing preload. This adjustment sets the bearing preload for the worm gear shaft that the steering wheel turns. At the rear of the box there is a large lock nut with three slots. This holds the adjuster plug in position.

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