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How do you read GM engine casting numbers?

How do you read GM engine casting numbers?

Read the next four digits in the code, which will be all numbers. This refers to the date that the engine was cast. The first two numbers are the month, and the last two are the day. For example, if the numbers read 0107, then the engine was cast on January 7.

How do I know if my Chevy engine is a 427?

The surest way to identify a 427 engine is to decode the engine casting number located on the engine block.

  1. Locate the engine casting number on the rear of the engine block on the bell housing flange.
  2. If the number is 3909802, it is a 427 produced from 1966 to 1967.

Are 427 and 454 blocks the same?

427 & 454 are the same bore. If you put the 427 crankshaft in you’ll have a 427. That being said you also need to change to 427 pistons due to the pin hole being in a different location. You’ll also need to use the ballancer & flywheel from the 427.

What kind of car was GM 3999290 made?

Number 3902406 denotes a 1967-only block used in Chevelles, Camaros and other passenger cars. Blocks with casting number 3855962 went into 1965 Corvettes and Chevelles, as well as in some 1965 and 1966 passenger cars. Number 3855961 saw use in some 396-equipped passenger cars from 1965 to 1967, as well as in 1966-only Chevelles and Corvettes.

What’s the casting number on a Chevy truck?

Chevrolet has produced dozens of variations on its engines to suit different applications, each with subtle differences from others in its family. Casting number 3999290 is a two- or four-bolt main block engine designed specifically for use in trucks.

What kind of car had a GM 396 engine?

Casting numbers 3916323 and 3935440 denote a 1968 passenger car equipped with the 396 engine, which was installed only in Chevelles, Camaros and Novas. Number 3902466 saw use in 1966 through 1969 Chevelles and other passenger cars, in 1967 through 1969 Camaros and in the 1968 Nova.

What are the casting numbers for a Chevy Nova?

Car & Truck 2-bolt 3731548 57 283 Car & Truck 2-bolt No side mount 3737737 57-62 283 2-bolt 3737739 57-62 283 2-bolt 3756519 58-62 283 2-bolt 3782870 62-67 327 car & Truck 2-bolt 3789817 62-67 327 2-bolt 3789935 61-66 283 car & Truck 2-bolt 3790721 64-67 327 2-bolt Chevy II Nova Recessed filter 3791362 66-67 327

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