How do you tell a girl what you like about her?

How do you tell a girl what you like about her?

How to tell a girl you like her: 5 ways to tell her that you want to be more than just friends

  1. Spend time with her to test the waters.
  2. Prepare what you are going to say.
  3. Take her to a decent place and look presentable when you decide to tell her that you like her.
  4. Tell her to think about it before giving an answer.

What to answer when someone asks what do you like about them?

I wish I could draw that well!” Instead of a neutral answer like, “You’re always nice to everyone,” you can say, “You really go out of your way to be kind and compassionate to other people.” Use words that are specific and stand out as positive, like “talented” and “compassionate.” Try things like: “You’re fearless!

What to say to impress a girl?

120 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl

  • I can’t stop thinking about you.
  • How are you today?
  • Your smile is on my mind.
  • I really enjoyed the time we spent together today.
  • Being with you makes me incredibly happy.
  • You make me feel like a million bucks.
  • I have been so much happier since we started spending time together.

What you like about a girl?

Bright Side figured out the list of traits that are much more important than beauty.

  • Kindness.
  • Big hips.
  • Being real and natural.
  • Their care.
  • Long messy hair.
  • Playfulness.
  • Cooking skills.
  • Smile. It not only makes any woman more attractive but also makes men feel better about themselves.

What should I say to a girl I like?

52 Best Things To Say To A Girl You Like – Spark a personal connection! 1. When I need someone, I turn to you every time It’s okay to tell them how much they really mean to you. 2. Thank you for all you do. Telling a girl that you are thankful will not only show that you are a caring individual…

What is the best reply if a girl asks you what you think about her?

Trust me, if she has any respect for you or for herself she’ll understand that you are telling her the truth. Ladies like a person that is straightforward not a liar. I like to echo her question back at her to evaluate her answer and continue from that point.

How to tell a girl you love her over text?

So here’s how you tell her why you love her: 1 I love you because I can’t get over your cuteness 2 If I you don’t top smiling I’ll be forced to fall in love with you 3 You’re the naughtiest girl I’ve met and I love it! 4 Oh’ don’t you dare dress like that because you know what it does to my mind!

Do you need a reason to like a girl?

Me – I don’t need a reason to like you. She – Come on. There must be a reason. Me – Oh my sweet minion. If I liked you for a reason, then it is just infatuation or lust. There will be no genuine feelings, just hidden motives. Do I look like a guy with a plan? (she hasn’t seen The Dark Knight, so I can use this dialogue).

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