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How do you use cleave in a sentence?

How do you use cleave in a sentence?

Cleaved sentence example Jake cleaved in two by a maniacal man with a sword. If I have not cleaved your head, ’tis because I took an oath to kin to spare you. Coarse rocks and rocks consisting of hard minerals are always imperfectly cleaved .

What is an example of Cleave?

To cleave is to split or separate something, especially along a natural line of separation or using a sharp tool, or to stick or adhere strongly to something or someone. When you split a bone in half using a knife, this is an example of cleave.

What does it mean to cleave unto something?

cleave \KLEEV\ verb. 1 : to divide (something) by or as if by a cutting blow : split. 2 : to separate (something) into distinct parts and especially into groups having divergent views.

What does it mean to cleave someone?

1 : to stay very close to (someone) children cleaving to their families. 2 : to stick closely to (something) —usually used figuratively He continued to cleave to the beliefs of his childhood.

What is the difference between cling and cleave?

As verbs the difference between cling and cleave is that cling is (senseid)to hold very tightly, as to not fall off while cleave is to split or sever something with, or as if with, a sharp instrument or cleave can be to cling, adhere or stick fast to something; used with to or unto.

Why does cleave mean two opposite things?

“Cleave,” meaning ‘to cling to or adhere,’ comes from an Old English word that took the forms cleofian, clifian, or clīfan. “Cleave,” with the contrary meaning ‘to split or sever (something), ‘ as you might do with a cleaver, comes from a different Old English word, clēofan.

What is it called when you say two opposite things?

The term you’re looking for is oxymoron, which comes from a Greek word whose literal translation is ‘pointedly foolish’. An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two apparently contradictory terms appear together. Examples include a deafening silence, harmonious discord, an open secret, and the living dead.

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