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How does Scrooge react to the visions?

How does Scrooge react to the visions?

Appalled, Scrooge clutches at the spirit and begs him to undo the events of his nightmarish vision. He promises to honor Christmas from deep within his heart and to live by the moralizing lessons of Past, Present, and Future.

What did Scrooge learn from this spirit?

The lesson the Spirit of Christmas Past brings to Scrooge reminds him that there were once things in his life more important than money, but his choices have left him lonely and alone. The memories the spirit brings to Scrooge distress him to the point that he begs to be released from them.

What is the most important lesson that Scrooge has learned from his travels with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?

In Stave 4, Scrooge learns the truth about the value of his life as it applies to other people. What he comes to see through the lessons of the final spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, is that when the final tally is taken, his life, in the eyes of his fellow man, will be worth nothing.

How does Scrooge react to seeing his younger self?

Scrooge was transported to his childhood school. When the Ghost of Christmas Present first took him back, Scrooge was taken back to a vision of himself as a child. He remembered it as if it were yesterday. He enjoyed the vision very much at first, because he saw his old schoolmates and was pleased to see them.

How do the spirits change Scrooge?

The ghost does not speak which reflects that the future is unknown and that only Scrooge has the power to change it. The ultimate role of the ghost is to instil fear in Scrooge to catalyse his change. The ghost does this by showing Scrooge the body of a man (which is himself) that is “unwatched, unkept or uncared for”.

What caused Scrooge change?

Scrooge’s change is the result of his being visited by the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Marley, as well as three spirits: the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and yet to come. All of these visitations help Scrooge to see that he has made decisions based on money, and those decisions have rendered him alone.

What did Scrooge mean when he said the spirits of all three shall strive within me?

What did Scrooge mean when he said, “The Spirits of all three shall strive within me”? He will keep all three of the lessons with him at all times. Scrooge wishes for the Spirit to share his lesson with him, so that he can avoid the same date as Marley.

What is the biggest lesson Scrooge learns in Stave 3?

Perhaps the most important and most far-reaching one is that it is never too late to find happiness. Scrooge is shown, via the ghosts who visit him, that throughout his entire life he has chosen his own misery, and has often caused others to be miserable.

How does Scrooge act when he sees the scenes from his past?

The people in Scrooge’s past show how his behavior has made them feel. He responds with strong emotions to how he sees his past self behaving and doesn’t seem to like what he sees.

How has Scrooge’s attitude changed toward the visits by the three spirits?

When Marley’s ghost tells him they are coming, Scrooge’s face falls. When the Ghost of Christmas Past arrives, Scrooge is nonchalant, but as the three spirits show him more and more scenes from past, present, and future that awaken his memories and emotions, he comes to fear the spirits more and more.

What does Scrooge learn from each spirit in A Christmas Carol?

What lesson does Scrooge learn from each spirit in A Christmas Carol? In A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, he learns that he was not responsible for his poor treatment as a child but that he is responsible for his mistakes as an adult.

What did Scrooge learn from the Cratchits?

He shows Scrooge how acts of kindness can extend far beyond simply one or two people but can resonate through a community. The second spirit shows Scrooge how damaging his greed and nasty disposition are to those around him. The spirit also shows Scrooge that people without money, like the Cratchits, can still be much happier than he is.

What does the ghost tell Scrooge before he leaves?

Before it leaves Scrooge, the Ghost shows him two ‘yellow, meagre’ children who are hiding under its cloak. These are called Ignorance and Want and are a warning to Scrooge to change his ways.

Where is Ebenezer Scrooge sitting in the ghost of Christmas Past?

The scene with Scrooge’s childhood friends calling out “Merry Christmas” to each other is a happy scene, in contrast to the scene of young Ebenezer sitting alone and forlorn at Christmas in a deserted classroom at his boarding school.

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