How fast can a Camaro do a quarter-mile?

How fast can a Camaro do a quarter-mile?

No wonder it’s able to run the quarter-mile in 5.97 seconds. That’s quicker than most cars need to hit 60 mph (97 kph). The Camaro’s trap speed for the run was an amazing 230.6 mph (371.1 kph).

How fast is a 95 Camaro Z28?

150 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Top speed: 150 mph. Wheelbase: 101.1 inches.

What’s the fastest 1/4 mile time?

If you are unfamiliar with his name, he is still the man who holds the record for the fastest quarter-mile run in history with 3.58 seconds, registered in 1984 at the Santa Pod Raceway.

How fast is a 2021 SS Camaro in a quarter-mile?


Camaro Supra
Zero to 100 MPH 8.9 sec 12.1 sec
5 to 60 MPH Rolling Start 4 sec 5.8 sec
Quarter Mile 12.3 sec 13.3 sec
Speed in 1/4 Mile 116 MPH 104 MPH

How much horsepower does a 1994 LT1 have?

Engine Specifications

Feature Base Engine RPO LT1 ZR-1 Engine RPO LT5
Bore & Stroke 4.00″ x 3.48″ 4.00″ x 3.48″
Compression Ratio 10.5:1 11.0:1
Brake horsepower 300 @ 5000 405 @ 5800 rpm
Torque 340 lb-ft @ 3600 385 lb-ft @ 5200

How fast can a 1997 Camaro go?

Car and Driver found the new Camaro faster than the Mustang Cobra, with 0-60 mph achieved in 5.3 seconds, a quarter-mile time of 14 seconds flat at 100 mph, and a top speed of 150 mph.

What’s the fastest quarter mile in a Camaro?

Meanwhile, according to a press release, the 2020 Camaro ZL1’s recorded quarter-mile time is 11.4 seconds. Just like other Camaros, this one comes standard with a manual transmission although, a 10-speed automatic is also available. The 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody doesn’t just look bolder. It also performs better than its predecessors.

What are the quarter mile times for a Chevy Corvette?

There are a great deal of factors that affect the Chevy cars 0-60 stats, so different sources may test the same vehicle and each may arrive at a unique 0-60 mph and quarter mile result. Zero to 60 times does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the Chevrolet 0-60 mph times.

Can a muscle car go a quarter mile?

While most muscle cars were born to drag race, there are some that are lightning-fast down the quarter-mile. As impressive as sports cars can be, there are just times when you want a ride that’s bigger and possibly, much more powerful. That’s ultimately where muscle cars come in.

What’s the quarter mile acceleration of a Chevy?

Please note that some 0-62 (0–100 km/h) times on this website are converted to 0 to 60 acceleration times. Bookmark us and keep checking back for Chevy cars 0-60 mph updates, since we constantly upload new 0 to 60 mph and quarter mile statistics.

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