How many people go on holiday to Antarctica?

How many people go on holiday to Antarctica?

Antarctica Tourist Numbers 2018 – 2019 Seaborne, Airborne, Landed and Cruise
Country of Origin Numbers Percentage
United Kingdom 4,221 7.6
France 2,121 3.8
Canada 2,627 4.7

How do tourists visit Antarctica?

Landing in Antarctica Many sea cruises by cruise ships include a landing by RIB (Zodiac) or helicopter. Some land visits may include mountaineering, skiing or even a visit to the South Pole.

Why do few tourists visit Antarctica?

Because Antarctica is so far away and has such extreme weather, few people have even visited the continent; which means, when you do visit the southernmost realm, you’re a part of history! Instead of traveling to established destinations, you’re discovering a remote region.

Is travel to Antarctica banned?

Because Antarctica is a scientific preserve, special teams have been able to restart research work on the continent from the end of 2020. While tourism isn’t banned, the fact that most visitors can only arrive via ship means it’s almost impossible to go right now, as many cruises are not running at this time.

How many people go to Antarctica each year?

The real answer is about 37,500 a year. That means a lot of money. If you take the amount of visitors and multiply it by the price of a ticket ($ 30,00) you will get 1,125,000,000 dollars a year! That is a lot of money! What could a billion dollars buy you?

Who are the most frequent visitors to Antarctica?

Visitor Nationalities Americans and Chinese are the two nationalities that visit Antarctica the most, with the former making up 33% of all visitors, while the latter comes in a distant second with 12%.

When does the tourism season start in Antarctica?

Tourism in Antarctica. Tourism in Antarctica started by the sea in the 1960s. Air overflights of Antarctica started in the 1970s with sightseeing flights by airliners from Australia and New Zealand, and were resumed in the 1990s. The (summer) tour season lasts from November to March.

How long has IAATO been monitoring Antarctic tourism?

IAATO has been carefully monitoring, analyzing and reporting Antarctic tourism trends since 1991 as part of its commitment to the effective self-management of guest activities in the region. Looking for Tourism Statistics?

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