How old is Catherine in rules?

How old is Catherine in rules?

Catherine – The main protagonist, and a 12-year-old girl.

What are the characters in the book Rules?

Rules Character List

  • Catherine. Catherine, a 12-year-old girl and the protagonist of the story, is a David’s sister.
  • David. David is Catherine’s 8-year-old brother.
  • Kristi. Kristi is Catherine’s new next door neighbor.
  • Jason. Jason goes to David’s OT.
  • Ryan.
  • Catherine’s Mom.
  • Catherine’s Dad.

What did Catherine learn in rules?

Rules by Cynthia Lord follows the main character, Catherine, as she helps her autistic brother, David, learn how to interact with people. Catherine also learns an important lesson when two friends, Jason and Kristi, turn out to be very different. One is a true friend and the other is not.

What does Catherine want at the beginning of the story rules?

Kristi Moves In The new girl’s name is Kristi, and she wears fashionable clothes and is popular. Catherine really wants to become friends with her, but is worried that Kristi might not like David. Eventually the two become friends.

What is the book of rules called?

A book of rules by which a country is governed is called constitution .

What type of book is Rules?

Children’s literatureFiction

What grade level is Rules?

Rules Guided Reading Level S Set of 5

Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 5 R

Why does Catherine turn off the music when David and Kristi begin to dance?

Why is Catherine mad at Kristi for turning on the music and asking David to dance? Catherine doesn’t like the song that is playing. Catherine doesn’t like it when people make David look foolish.

How old is Catherine in the book Rules?

However, Catherine’s situation is complicated by the fact that her eight-year-old brother, David, is autistic. Because Catherine’s parents are both overburdened with work, Catherine must care for her brother a good deal of the time.

Who are the main characters in rules by Cynthia Lord?

Cynthia Lord. Characters. Catherine, the protagonist of Rules, is a normal twelve-year-old girl dealing with the universal preteen issues of friendships, family relationships, and identity. However, Catherine’s situation is complicated by the fact that her eight-year-old brother, David, is autistic.

Why is Catherine excited about her new neighbors?

On the first day of summer vacation, Catherine is watching the movers unload her new neighbors’ belongings at the house next door. She is excited because the house’s previous owner told her the new neighbors have a twelve-year-old girl.

Why does Catherine always tag along with David?

Catherine explains that she always tags along because while David is in OT, she gets her mother’s full attention, which is a rare commodity for her.

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