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How old is Lillie Keenan?

How old is Lillie Keenan?

25 years (October 4, 1996)
Lillie Keenan/Age

Who are Lillie Keenan’s parents?

Keenan said that her parents, Pam and Howard, were “used to sacrificing for their kids’ passion,” with her older brother being a professional hockey player and her sister a professional ballerina with the New York City Ballet.

Where does Lillie Keenan ride?

Lillie Carmichael Keenan (born 4 October 1996) is an American show jumping rider….Major Results.

Year 2020
Place 1
Horse Fasther
Event Martha Jolicoeur Leading Lady Rider
Location Wellington, FL (USA)

Who is Brian Moggre?

Brian Moggre started his competitive career in the jumpers, highlighted by a junior individual bronze medal at the 2016 FEI North American Youth Championship (NAYC) and team gold the following year as a young rider athlete, and team gold in 2017 and 2018 at the USEF Junior Jumper National Championships/Prix des States.

Who trains Lillie Keenan?

After months of prodding her mother, who had ridden as a kid, Keenan got on a pony when she was six years old and she hasn’t looked back since. She began training at the age of seven with famed trainer Andre Dignelli, with whom she trained for 12 years.

Does Harvard have an equestrian team?

As a club level sport at Harvard, the Equestrian Team receives no financial help from the university and is entirely self-funded and fundraised. We’re also a young team, started in the 1980’s, inactive for a few years, and revived in the late 1990s so we don’t have a large alumni base to support us.

Who does Brian Moggre train with?

trainer Gianna Aycock
Finally, they convinced trainer Gianna Aycock to give Brian and his older siblings riding lessons. “I was supposed to be 5 years old,” Brian said, “So I was 5 years old for three years.”

Where is Brian Moggre from?

The Texas native has found staggering success in his young career so far, including beating out some of the world’s top show jumpers at the highest level of sport. But Brian remains humble, focused and dedicated to perfecting his craft — both as a rider and as a businessman.

What is the best college equestrian team?

11 Best Equestrian Colleges

  • Emory & Henry College (Virginia) — Emory & Henry Equine Center.
  • Berry College (Georgia) — Gunby Equine Center.
  • University of Kentucky in Lexington (Kentucky) — UK Ag Equine Programs.
  • Auburn University (Alabama) — Auburn University Equestrian Center.

Does Harvard offer horse riding?

The Harvard Equestrian Team. Support the Team! As a club level sport at Harvard, the Equestrian Team receives no financial help from the university and is entirely self-funded and fundraised.

Where is equestrian most popular?

Louisville, Kentucky The number one place for equestrian culture in the United States is Louisville, Kentucky. It’s home to the world-famous Kentucky Derby which the Queen of England has attended.

Is there an equestrian team at Harvard?

The Harvard Equestrian Team is headed for a barn in Connecticut to compete in riding events scrutinized with exacting attention.

Why is Lillie Keenan in the News Now?

Keenan is usually in the spotlight due to her good results, but more recently she stole the headlines for another reason, as the young American rider acquired Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum’s Olympic ride Fibonacci. “If you purchase a famous showjumper, it of course comes with pressure,” Lillie says.

Where did Lillie Keenan win a gold medal?

In 2012, Keenan was part of the Zone 2 team to the gold medal in the junior division at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championship. That year, she also won the North American Equitation Championship at the Capital Challenge Horse Show, and was reserve champion at both the USEF Medal Finals and the ASPCA Maclay Finals, all on Clearway.

How old was Lillie Keenan when she started riding?

As a professional, Keenan has been part of many Nations Cup teams for the United States, most notably at the Dublin Horse Show where the Aga Khan Trophy was won by an all female team for the first time. Keenan began riding at the age of six after discovering photos of her mother who rode as a junior.

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