How was the war between Egypt and the Hittites ended?

How was the war between Egypt and the Hittites ended?

In one of the world’s largest chariot battles, fought beside the Orontes River, Pharaoh Ramses II sought to wrest Syria from the Hittites and recapture the Hittite-held city of Kadesh. The battle led to the world’s first recorded peace treaty.

Who won the battle between Egypt and Hittites?

Ramses II
Ramses II led his forces into an ambush by 2,500 Hittite chariots, lured by Hittite spies who gave false information to their Egyptian captors. The battle may be the earliest military action recorded in detail, mostly from Egyptian sources, which proclaimed the siege a great victory for Ramses II.

What is the significance of the Battle of Qadesh between Egypt and the Hittites?

One military engagement the Hittites are famous for is the Battle of Kadesh against the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II’s army in 1274 BCE. This battle is especially important because both sides claimed victory, which led to the first known peace treaty in the history of the world, in 1258 BCE.

Why did the Hittite Empire fall?

The Hittite Empire reached its peak under the reign of King Suppiluliuma I (c. 1344-1322 BCE) and his son Mursilli II (c. 1321-1295 BCE) after which it declined and, after repeated attacks by the Sea Peoples and the Kaska tribe, fell to the Assyrians.

Why was the war between the Egyptians and the Hittites important?

War provides an impetus for technological development perhaps better than anything else, and the war between the Egyptians and the Hittites was absolutely no different. In order to deal with the threat posed by the Egyptians, the Hittites developed the lightest and fastest chariots in the world.

When did the Hittites ally with the Egyptians?

When the Mitanni entered into an alliance with the Egyptians in the early 14th century B.C., the beleaguered Hittite kings grew uneasy at this new relationship. Beset on all sides, the Hittites could have fallen, but a strong ruler raised them up.

How did Ramses the great defeat the Hittites?

In 1275 B.C. it was held by the Hittites. By taking it, Ramses would neutralise the Hittite threat to his northern sphere of interest, and claim the territories once captured by Thutmose III, and since lost. The Egyptian sources for the battle recount how Ramses’ army had been misled into believing the Hittites were far away.

Where did the Hittites live before moving to Egypt?

The Hittites’ fast war chariots threatened mighty Egypt. 1 Fall and rise. Many scholars believe the ancestors of the Hittite people originally lived in central Asia before relocating to Anatolia (modern 2 Wheeled victories. 3 Chariot diplomacy. 4 Biggest battle.

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