Is it OK to change transmission fluid without changing the filter?

Is it OK to change transmission fluid without changing the filter?

Many transmission manufacturers use only a screen on the fluid pickup to filter out any casting flaws or debris that could be poured down the dipstick. Some manufacturers do not recommend changing the filter. The fluid will break down and needs to be changed, the filters do not plug up on a healthy transmission.

When should the transmission fluid and filter be changed?

every 30,000 to 100,000 miles
Although every vehicle has its own maintenance schedule that can usually be found in the owner’s manual, the transmission filter and fluid should be replaced every 30,000 to 100,000 miles.

How much does it cost to change the transmission fluid and filter?

When you change your transmission fluid, you should also change the filter and sometimes the pan gasket. Filters range between $15-$30, and pan gaskets between $75-$150. Add these all together, and you get a total cost of between $130-$480, with the average price ranging between $80 to $250.

Do you really need to change your transmission filter?

Automatic transmission filter maintenance can sometimes feel a little more like voodoo than science. With so many automakers advertising “lifetime” transmission fluids that never need to be swapped out, you might think that the same also goes for the filter inside these gearboxes. The actual truth is a little more complex than that.

When do you need to change the oil filter?

If the oil is clear but dark, it really would be better if you can have the filter changed, but it’s probably not the end of the world if you don’t. If your oil is not clear (as in you can see through it, whatever colour it is), that lack of opacity is caused by debris in the oil, and changing the filter is definitely recommended.

How do you change the transmission fluid in a car?

In the past, automatic transmission fluid was changed by removing the pan, changing the filter and gasket and refilling with 1/3 the capacity of the transmission. This was the only method known to change the fluid so it was the acceptable method.

How often should I Flush my transmission fluid?

Again, though, you only get a third to half the fluid out. You can then drive the vehicle for a while, drain the fluid and change it again. Do this 2-3 times and you’ll remove most of the old fluid and perform a sort of poor-man’s transmission fluid flush.

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